frequently asked. 

What is Showdigs?

Showdigs benefits property managers by utilizing qualified real estate agents to quickly and efficiently show their properties. Prospective tenants are connected with skilled, licensed real-estate agents to provide on-demand property tours.

Where is Showdigs available?

Showdigs is available exclusively in Seattle and Portland, but we'll be expanding to other cities soon.

I want to join you agent network, what are the requirements?

To join our network and earn money showing rental properties, you need an active real-estate license from the state you are located in. Ready to go? Apply here.

How is Showdigs different from a self-showing service?

With Showdigs, Property Managers and prospective tenants get the same benefits of self-showings without any of the downside.

The Showdigs solution allows Property Managers to be hands-off: Showdigs manages inquiries, schedules showings, and conducts showings on behalf of the Property Manager, allowing the Property Manager to deal with applications instead of inquiries.

Prospective tenants can book tours on demand, any day of the week, and can view your property within an hours notice.

Unlike self-showings, the Showdigs Network of real estate brokers ensures that all prospective tenants are guided by a licensed expert that has local neighborhood knowledge. Additionally, because Showdigs Agents will accompany all prospects, there’s no need to collect a credit card or drivers license from your prospect, ensuring you don’t scare any prospective renters away from viewing your properties. Plus, Showdigs Agents will provide insights into the outcome of each tour, ensuring you have full visibility around all the activity that’s happening at your properties.


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