Keep your team at the office. We’ve got inspections covered.

Our mid-tenancy inspections help busy property managers cut back on driving while keeping their clients fully informed.
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Mid-tenancy inspections are a struggle

Add up employee wages and driving reimbursements (plus the lost opportunity cost of not working with new clients), and you can see how expensive inspections are.

Property managers either struggle to do inspections, or they forego them and leave themselves and their clients vulnerable.

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Take care of inspections consistently and reliably

We help property managers get even more done back at the office by handling mid-tenancy inspections too. 

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“The process for me is easy, and the reports are thorough. Saved a ton of time for my team while still providing a great report from our Brokerage.”
Stacy Salyer, Owner/Broker at Leading Edge Property Management
"The wealth of knowledge in photos and comments has been awesome. Above and beyond expectations.”
Le King, Property Manager at Dwell Property Management

Save time & expenses

If you’re already doing mid-tenancy inspections, you’ll save big with our done-for-you service. 

Earn more per door

Give your clients options. Many will be happy to pay for more check-ins throughout the tenancy. 

What type of inspections do we offer?

Showdigs offers mid-tenancy inspections with a network of licensed, trained real estate agents

Exterior Only

Great for checking landscaping, signs of pets, and exterior damage
  • Comprehensive PDF report with photos and comments
  • Covers landscaping, exterior walls, gutters, roof that’s visible from ground

Full Inspection

Great for full visibility into the status of the entire property
  • Comprehensive PDF report with photos and comments
  • Covers landscaping, exterior walls, gutters, roof that’s visible from ground
  • Covers details in every interior room: walls, doors, appliances, etc.

Grow your business, not your mileage

Better service for owners

Discover any issues before they get worse

Decrease travel costs

Save on employee travel time and expense

Limit risk and reliability

Don’t let inspections slide—no surprises

Remove scheduling hassle

We handle all tenant coordination

Options for every property

Buy on demand or save with a yearly plan.
Receive thorough inspection reports and keep your clients informed.

On Demand

Exterior Only

Exterior inspection only


Full Inspections

Exterior & interior inspection



High Visibility Plan

4 Exterior Only + 2 Full Inspections

$279/per yr

Protect your time and your resources

Add inspections for all or just a few properties

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