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Murray Frost
Portfolio Manager, Mynd Management

Super easy to use platform and the customer service has been wonderful! Overall it has been a very positive experience since utilizing Showdigs. Each team member has been very responsive and always willing to go above and beyond.

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Kit MacPherson
Owner, Maple Leaf Property Management

Property managers now spend less time answering calls and showing. Our days on the market has decreased and the owners are loving it. Each property manager now has a larger portfolio, and more quality time with their families.

Natalie Swerkes
Owner, First Statewide Realty

Showdigs has made day to day operations of my property management business flow much smoother. Prospects can see homes quicker which results in reduced vacancy times and the inspections are very thorough. More cost effective than hiring an employee!

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Brandi Bishop
VP of Leasing, Real Property Management Colorado

Love that Showdigs helps us complete move-out reports when we have several move-outs scheduled at once and can't be in several places at the same time.

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Amber Hayes
Assistant Property Manager, RMS Portland

Showdigs has really allowed us to increase our flexibility for our leasing agents, increase the availability of our homes for prospective tenants to view, and even let us to come up with ways to provide target showings to approved applicants. Their customer service is top notch - communicative, proactive, and so quick to assist when needed. As great as the software is, it wouldn't be as valuable without their amazing team backing it up.

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