How the Startup Plan helps property managers grow on their own terms

For the property manager who's just starting out, we know how limited your resources are and how valuable your time is. We're still a relatively young startup, so we know from experience how hard it can be when you're just getting started. Especially when it seems like other leasing softwares are one-size-fits all, but they don't fit you. That's why we created the Showdigs Startup Plan!

The Showdigs Startup Plan gives you access to our state-of-the-art scheduling technology, smart communication tools, and smartphone app so you can manage up to 3 active vacancies at any given time. All for $0/month.

Here's what you can do with the Showdigs Startup Plan:

  • Auto-respond to prospects: Our smart software will auto-respond to all inquiries and remind prospects to schedule tours via text message and email. Say goodbye to guestcards clogging up your inbox!
  • Self-scheduling: Make your prospects happy (and your life easier) with our self-scheduling and mobile-friendly pre-screening. When a prospect is interested in your property, all they have to do is click a link to fill out your pre-screening questions, book a tour, and receive tour notifications right to their smartphone.
  • Choose your showing method: Once a tour is scheduled, you choose how the showing is provided - handle the tour yourself, use a lockbox for a self-showing, or use a Showdigs agent (where available). Time is on your side!
  • Use the app when you're on the go: Download the free Showdigs app for property managers. You can see all the upcoming booked tours at your properties, reschedule or cancel a tour, and contact your prospect - all from your smartphone!

Get your business started right with the Showdigs Startup Plan

Our goal when starting the Showdigs Startup Plan was to create a way for smaller property management companies to have access to and benefit from to the same automated leasing technology as the big 1,500-door property management companies.

So if you're looking to get your business started on the right foot or you just want to save some time and hassle, sign up for the Showdigs Startup Plan. Your future business will thank you!

Sign up for a free account today and start setting yourself up for success!