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When Do Prospects Want to View Your Rental Properties?

Ever wonder when prospects want to view your properties?

At Showdigs, we offer 7 day showing availability so we can give you some insight. With an unrestricted calendar, we have visibility into what times are most popular among prospects. Here's a good look at requested tour times during the busy summer season.

To help explain, 3.24% of the weekly tour requests were on Sunday around 12PM and 13.92% of the tour requests were on Saturday.

After hours and weekends make up over 60% of all tour requests.

While many prospects may be able to find time to view your property during the week, if you aren't showing your properties after hours and on weekends, you could be missing out on half of your prospects.

As a property manager, you may want to encourage your team to take Mondays and Tuesdays off instead of the weekend. Companies like Showdigs can assist during times that are inconvenient to you and your team and keep your coverage as widely available as possible.  

The bottom line? Being as available as possible is key to finding the best renter for your property.