YOU INC: Be the CEO of Your Own Life

Thursday, May 26th @ 10:30am PST
Hosted by Marc Cunningham, Owner of PM Build

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Marc Cunningham and Showdigs are joining forces to host a free webinar on May 26th at 10:30am PST!

Marc Cunningham, the President of Grace Property Management & Real Estate, holds a degree in Real Estate & Finance, has taught CE classes in over 20 states, is regularly featured in national real estate publications and podcasts, holds multiple designations, invests in residential and commercial real estate, and was named the 2018 national property manager of the year by Think Realty.

He trains thousands of property managers each year on how to create a sustainable, profitable business that is NOT dependent on you to run it... and how you can still take Fridays off.

In this engaging session, Marc will lead you through six questions to help you gain clarity and a clear action path for success in business and in life including:

WHAT you need to stop doing

WHEN to start taking Fridays off

WHERE to look for the best opportunities

WHY growth is not always the answer

HOW you will measure success

WHO you need to spend time with

Join us as Marc Cunningham hosts a free webinar on fostering success in business and in life

Thursday, May 26th @ 10:30am PST

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