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Showdigs is a smart source of supplemental income for real estate agents
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"Showdigs is very convenient and easy. The appointments that are sent my way are all close to where I am. It just fits in with my lifestyle really well. Pretty stress free experience all around.”
Matt Clark, Real Estate Agent in Seattle

Downtime got you down?

If you’ve ever tried to find good side jobs for real estate agents, you’ve come up against the same problem over and over again: your schedule.

With Showdigs, you can earn extra money when it’s most convenient for you.

How it Works

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Must be a licensed agent to qualify

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Accept or pass on requests

Show the digs

Open doors and answer questions

Showdigs helps you earn extra income while you build your dream business

Completely flexible

Show rental vacancies in between showings for buyers or whenever.

Instant gratification

Get paid via direct deposit after your showing is complete

Always close by

Your appointments are typically a 5-10 minute drive away.

Grow your skills and expertise

Learn more about the industry

With knowledge of the rental market, you’ll impress buyers planning to rent out their homes.

Hone your skills

No matter how experienced you are at showing properties, it always helps to stay sharp.

Show nearby vacancies. Get paid.

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Why don’t property managers show the vacancies?

There are a lot of reasons, but mainly it comes down to the fact that property managers have so much to do in the office, they run out of time to do showings, and vacancies take longer to rent. Also, location is a big factor. Smart property managers don’t want to drive an hour for a showing!

Where is Showdigs available?

We’re available in Seattle, Portland, and Denver. We’ll be expanding to new cities soon. If you’re a real estate agent outside of these markets, you can apply anyways. We will notify you when we launch in your city. 

How do I get paid?

You get paid per each showing. Showings are expected to take 30 minutes or less. You get paid the same amount whether the showing takes 10 minutes or 30 minutes. The amount will be automatically deposited in your bank account on a weekly basis. 

How do you assign showings?

The primary deciding factors are location and the quality of the tours and the tour reports from agents’ previous showings. 

How busy could I expect to be?

Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure. Our real estate agents do anywhere from 2 - 10 showings per week, but there are no guarantees. In some markets, especially during the busy months, we have real estate agents turning down showings because they’re too busy with their clientele. We make sure not to add too many agents to any market, so that we don’t have an oversupply. That’s why you should apply soon if you’re interested!

What are the qualifications?

To join our network and earn money showing rental properties, you need an active real-estate license from the state you are located in. You must also attend a mandatory in-person training on showing rental properties and a mandatory online training on fair housing rules of the rental market.

Do I get paid for a no show?

Yes, you do! We give rental prospects the opportunity to cancel up to twenty minutes before the showing. If they cancel after this timeframe, you get paid anyways. If they don’t cancel, and then don’t show up, you still get paid. 

Is Showdigs a Real-Estate company?

Showdigs is a technology platform connecting agents with property managers. We are not a broker or any type of licensed real-estate company. Most of the work we facilitate falls under the "Unlicensed Activity" category but every State has different rules and regulation. For this reason we only work with licensed real estate agents and its the agent responsibility, together with their broker, to make sure they follow the local rules. We always recommend you talk with your broker before signing up with Showdigs.  

How is Showdigs different from a self-showing service?

Showdigs offers property managers the time savings they need, without the downsides of self-showings.
Unlike self-showings, the Showdigs Network of real estate brokers ensures that all prospective tenants are guided by a licensed expert that has local neighborhood knowledge. Additionally, because Showdigs Agents will accompany all prospects, there’s no need to collect a credit card or drivers license from your prospect, ensuring you don’t scare any prospective renters away from viewing your properties. Plus, Showdigs Agents will provide insights into the outcome of each tour, ensuring you have full visibility around all the activity that’s happening at your properties. 

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