How to Prepare for your Upcoming Vacancy

February 18, 2024

Whether your renters are downsizing, moving to a new city, or they’ve started a dog grooming business in the living room and you need them to go, having a vacancy is never ideal. There are inevitable bills to pay and payments to make, so the longer your investment property sits empty, it becomes a bigger drain on your resources. The single best way to manage a vacancy is to simply avoid having one.

The goal is to prepare for your upcoming vacancy by marketing it right away and getting a new tenant lined up to minimize transition costs. There are several popular marketing tools you can use to help you spread the word and get new tenants. Browse around some of these sites and see if they’d be a good fit for you to reach potential renters in your area:

Once you gain traction on your listing and you get some inquiries, suddenly there are a lot of logistics to manage. You'll need to review applications, run background checks, and coordinate showings of your space.

If you’re like 80% of the property managers out there, you’re probably busy working another job and hoping to make some passive income with your rental property. Your goal of making effortless passive income can start to feel a lot more like a demanding second job with all the time it takes to select a new tenant.

One way to take back your time, simplify this process, and fill your vacancies faster is by signing up for Showdigs. This is a service that connects your prospective tenants to licensed real estate agents nearby who can show the property for you, so you can skip the logistics of coordinating and make apartment viewings more convenient for everyone. Don’t miss out on the quiet, clean, professional newlywed tenants of your dreams just because they got an earlier showing at a different apartment. With Showdigs, your prospective tenants can get a showing on-demand, with a licensed real estate agent that is standing by to accept appointments at a time that is convenient for them-- with no hassle for you.

Contact the Showdigs team to learn more about how they can help you fill your vacancies faster!

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