Achieving Efficiencies in Property Management

February 18, 2024

Kobi Bensimon, founder and CEO of Showdigs, joins host Bob Preston on this episode of Property Management Brainstorm: Achieving Efficiencies in Property Management. They discuss the only all-in-one leasing software that allows single-family property managers to turn units without having to leave the office.

Showdigs’ cutting-edge property management software has disrupted the industry by providing a network of on-demand, licensed real estate agents who are specially trained to handle showings, condition reports, marketing photos, and more fieldwork tasks, alongside an AI-powered scheduling and pre-leasing platform.

Give this episode a listen to discover how Showdigs works, the benefits of a distributed workforce, how you can manage a larger portfolio across a larger geographic area, and some key efficiency killers to look out for. 

Topics Covered:

[2:53] Kobi Bensimon introduces himself and how he founded Showdigs.

[6:14] How Showdigs works and how it helps reduce ‘windshield time’

[11:12] The on-demand nature of the platform and the benefits of having a distributed workforce

[13:10] Working with licensed active field agents through Showdigs

[19:24] The interaction between a property management company and the agent

[21:50] The importance of having trust in field agents through the platform

[24:21] The typical workflow of making a listing

[27:01] How to overcome inbox overwhelm

[30:01] Handling the Move In Move Out (MIMO) process

[34:16] Showdigs’ process for documentation

[36:13] How an agent looking for a side gig can join Showdigs

[39:13] The importance of metrics and KPIs – and the ones to look out for

[46:47] Kobi’s story of emigrating from Israel to the US, and how he built his first property management tool, ActiveBuilding, after studying at MIT.

Showdigs is the only leasing software that handles your entire rental funnel