How Showing Availability Impacts Vacancy Rate

February 18, 2024

Ever wonder how your showing availability affects your portfolio’s vacancy rate?At Showdigs, we enable property managers to offer in-person, video, and self-guided tours seven days a week, including after working hours. With an unrestricted calendar, let’s take a look at what tour times are most popular during the busy summer months!

We’ve found that after-hours and weekend tour times make up over sixty percent of all tour requests.If you aren’t showing your properties after-hours and on weekends, you’re missing out on a huge percentage of valuable leads. But how can you find ways to free up more time in your day?

First, you can offer self-showings for your vacant properties. This eliminates drive time and showings from your team’s day-to-day, but can drastically increase your risk of falling victim to rental scams, especially at vacant properties.

Or, outsource your fieldwork to Showdigs! The Showdigs Agent Network is made up of over three thousand licensed real estate agents in over twenty cities who can show your properties on-demand.Showdigs Agents are available seven days a week during all showing windows, and can provide professional tours for both vacant and occupied properties.

Curious to see how our network of licensed, on-demand Agents can help reduce your vacancy rate and free up your time? Book a demo with our leasing experts to see why hundreds of property managers are making the switch to Showdigs.