Showdigs works with Checkr Onboard to grow their agent network across major US cities

February 27, 2024

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Showdigs is a real estate management company that provides property managers with on-demand real estate services. They are growing their agent network in key markets across the country and their onboarding strategy is to get agents onboarded as quickly as possible.

Before utilizing Checkr Onboard, including the application tool, Showdigs was using several different systems. Their process was disjointed and overwhelming for both candidates and internally for the Showdigs team.

"Checkr Onboard is considerably more streamlined. Another advantage is their direct access to background checks. We no longer have to send one-off links to complete a background check post-training. Our agents can now complete their training course when it’s convenient for them and then complete their background check as the clear next step in their onboarding journey," says Sarah Lange, Sr. Marketing Associate, Showdigs.

Showdigs agents join their network as a side hustle and not a full time commitment, and as such, agents were taking an average of 73 days to passively complete onboarding. After switching to Checkr Onboard, and simplifying the onboarding experience, agents are more actively completing onboarding in an average of 9 days.

Prior to utilizing Checkr Onboard, Showdigs had multiple teams managing the onboarding process. Their live operations team spent time looking into onboarding and course completion data daily, and would send candidates background check links when and only as they’d individually reached that step. The Showdigs team was having to manually ensure that every piece of the onboarding journey was complete for each and every candidate.

Since they started utilizing Checkr Onboard they’ve now been able to consolidate that work into being owned by one person. The process is now so efficient that in about 30 minutes a day,  just a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes at the end of the day, one team member is able to manage every detail related to agent onboarding. The same end goal is being accomplished in just 6% of the time, resulting in a 94% increase in efficiency across multiple teams.

Utilizing Checkr Onboard has been a game changer to this property management start-up.

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