As a company, we’ve been observing and thinking deeply about what actions to take as this virus continues to spread around the globe, and how to be as helpful as we possibly can be. Here is what we came up with.


It is evident that fewer people want to tour properties with other people right now. Here are some ways to respond:

FaceTime Tours

At Showdigs, we're now letting property managers and prospects opt-in to FaceTime tours. Our Agent will go to the property and connect with the prospect via FaceTime (or a similar app) to ensure prospects can get a realistic and personal view of the property.

  • To ensure business continuity, we recommend all existing clients opt into this feature. Detailed instruction can be found in this article.
  • More than anyone else, this benefits your owners. We've created a template that you can send to them to ensure they know you're taking proactive steps to limit vacancy loss during these uncertain times. View it and other COVID-19 respond.

In Person Tours

We have paused support for group showings and now limit in person showings to 1:1 contact. This will help keep Property Managers/Agents, tenants, and the entire community more safe.

Until March 31st, we will not take on any new occupied units. We will continue to show existing occupied units, pending any substantial push back from tenants.

We've also update a showing hygiene policy: Agents will now wear nitrile gloves to all showings.

Mid-Tenancy Inspections

Over the last two weeks, we've seen increasing push back from tenants about non-essential entry to their homes. So, until March 31st, we will not take any new mid-tenancy inspection orders. Additionally, we will be postponing previously ordered inspections until that same time, at which point we will further evaluate.

We will keep updating this page as things evolve. Please reach out  we can be of any help, and take care of each other.