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How to Run Your Property Management Business While You’re Away for the Holidays

February 18, 2024

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means now’s the perfect time to come up with your holiday game plan. First we’ll look at some of the challenges that the holidays cause for property managers and then we’ll talk about how to make a holiday game plan for your business!

Holiday travel challenges for property management businesses

If you’ve made it through one holiday season, you know how challenging it can be. Between managing your own time off to spend with your loved ones, your leasing agent’s days off, and your team spending time with their families, it can be hectic trying to manage the business while everyone’s out of town. 

Or even worse, you or your staff might not even be able to go out of town for the holidays or have time off to visit loved ones if there’s not enough coverage.

Another challenge is when your tenants go out of town for the holidays. Usually the holiday season overlaps with annual mid-tenancy inspections, so nailing down a time with your tenant to walkthrough the property in November and December can be extremely difficult.

With these challenges in mind, how can you manage your business while actually getting to spend the holidays with your family?

Holiday season game plan for property managers

Before the holiday season is here, it’s important to come up with a game plan to manage your business and enjoy time off with your family. Here are some ideas for how to have your spice cake and eat it too:

  • Use a shared calendar: We love Google Calendar! It’s also a good idea to have a way for your staff to formally request days off well in advance so that you can keep track and plan accordingly.
  • Hire seasonal help: Easier said than done, but hiring a seasonal leasing agent will help cover the times that you and your staff are on vacation.
  • Organize, prioritize, and delegate: Write a list of everything that needs to be done over the holiday season. Then use your expertise to prioritize the most important tasks and delegate to your team accordingly, taking into account their holiday schedules of course.

Finding a flexible solution that works for you

As mentioned above, bringing on seasonal help can be difficult. Finding, interviewing, and onboarding new hires, especially when it’s just a seasonal position, is a huge time sink and can become very expensive. Plus, what about when you need help during other times of the year?

Enter Showdigs, the all-in-one leasing automation platform WITH a network of on-demand fieldwork agents! Not only can you automate and optimize your entire list to lease process, but you can also outsource all of your fieldwork, including showings, condition reports, lockbox placements, and marketing photos, in one streamlined platform.

Showdigs Agents are licensed, professional real estate agents that are specially trained to handle any and all types of property management fieldwork. They’re available year round, and you never have to worry about a sick day or vacation because you get access to the entire local network!

Showdigs’ flat-rate pricing supports you year round

We have a brand new pricing structure - and it’s one of the most flexible and scalable solutions available to property managers. For only $50/month, you and your team get unlimited access to all of the leasing tools you use daily, plus the use of our on-demand agent network whenever you need. 

With Showdigs’ live customer support, you and your prospects will receive top quality help and support - and we take care of all your guest cards so you’ll never have to receive another one again!

Each month, you also get two free property activations included in the $50/month subscription. A property, or listing, activation is a one-time fee of $20 that you pay when it’s time to get one of your properties rented. You will only pay to activate your listing once, and it’s good until the next time you need to rent that same property. Every additional listing activation is $20 per property. 

On-demand agent services, such as on-demand condition reports, lockbox placements, and marketing photos, are available to order and purchase without paying to activate a listing.

Learn more about our flexible pricing!