5 Ways Showdigs’ Marketing Automation Streamlines Your Leasing Process

February 20, 2024

As a property manager, you know how important it is to maintain high efficiency while keeping costs low. How can you do this? Eliminate as many manual tasks as possible, and instead streamline the leasing funnel through marketing automation. That's where Showdigs comes in. 

With our advanced automation tools and user-friendly interface, Showdigs streamlines every aspect of the leasing process, from inquiries to tours to follow-ups. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key benefits of using Showdigs' marketing automation tools, including:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Improved communication
  3. Lead-powered scheduling
  4. Enhanced reporting and analytics
  5. Top-tier lead experience
Showdigs leasing technology and marketing automation for property managers

1. Increased efficiency while saving time and money

Automating as much of the leasing process as possible leads to satisfied clients, tenants, and prospective renters. Marketing automation eliminates many day-to-day manual tasks, giving property managers more time in the day to focus on business development. 

Showdigs integrates with major property management software systems to automatically bring all your doors to our platform. After you add our listings widget to your website and set up our 24/7 automated leasing line, you can rest easy knowing that Showdigs handles the rest.

Utilizing automation to streamline every aspect of your leasing process — from inquiry to tour to follow-up — means that you’ll spend less time playing phone tag, and more time growing your business. 

2. Improved communication

In today’s rental market, leads expect replies almost immediately after inquiring about a property. Quick response times and an easy, streamlined scheduling process ensures that your lead will have a great first impression of you and your business. Access to the Showdigs 24/7 automated leasing line, AI Listing Chatbot, and in-house Live Operations team is available to each subscription, so you can be sure that your prospects aren’t slipping through the cracks.

The best part? You can say goodbye to an influx of emails, calls, and text messages from leads, knowing they’re being handled by our software and dedicated team of professionals. 

3. Lead-powered scheduling

When your leads are searching for homes, they’re inquiring about several properties at a time. Today’s renters are searching for convenience, and your timeliness is the key to a signed lease. Instead of forcing your prospective tenants to wait until you’re available — allow leads to tour around their schedule. With Showdigs, leads can schedule a tour as soon as 2 hours in advance. This gives you an advantage over other property management companies and drastically reduces your days on market. 

Showdigs’ lead-friendly scheduling eliminates the need for unnecessary back-and-forth texts, phone calls, and emails. Our automated scheduling software responds instantly to all of your inbound requests, ensuring you never miss an interested prospect and never have to deal with an overflowing inbox again. 

Here’s how Showdigs' lead-powered scheduling works:

4. Enhanced reporting and analytics

Balancing the needs of your clients, tenants, and leads is a tough job. Showdigs’ guest card management software makes it easy to keep track of all of your leads, including their contact information, preferences, and requirements. All of your important business metrics — inquiries, average days to rent, conversion rates, and recent prospects likely to apply — all live in one convenient dashboard. 

In addition to comprehensive mid-tenancy and move-in/move-out condition reports that can be sent directly to owners, we send a weekly owner report that includes a data breakdown of the leasing funnel for each of your properties. With unlimited user licenses, you can keep track of your team’s tours, leases and conversion rates via desktop or mobile app. 

It’s easy to assign a scheduled tour to a member of your in-house team, utilize our secure self-showings, or let one of our on-demand licensed Showdigs Agents handle it! No matter who handles the showing, you’ll receive a detailed tour report to know how well your property is showing, prospect feedback, how likely they are to apply, and exactly who you need to follow up with.

5. Better lead experience

The most engaged and high-intent prospects visit your website directly. If you haven’t invested in converting your web traffic, you’re missing out on top-quality tenants. With Showdigs’ easy-to-use listing software, your website will automatically showcase your available properties in a modern interface optimized for all user experiences.

Simply connect your properties and add our listing widget to your website. All prospect questions can be answered by our AI Listing Chatbot, FAQ, and 24/7 automated leasing line directly from your listing page. So sit back, relax, and let our in-house Live Operations team handle all coordination and communication with your scheduled prospects. Leads love how easy it is to schedule a showing using Showdigs, and you can enjoy a clean inbox with more time to focus on other important tasks. 

It's time to simplify the leasing process and lower your days on market with Showdigs!

Automating the leasing process with Showdigs is a game-changer for property managers looking to increase efficiency, save time, and improve the overall leasing experience for their clients, tenants, and prospective renters. From streamlined communication and lead-powered scheduling to enhanced reporting and analytics and a better lead experience, Showdigs has everything you need to take your leasing game to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Chat with a member of our team and start enjoying the benefits of automation in your leasing process. Your tenants, clients, and bottom line will thank you!