Top 7 Mobile Apps for Property Managers

February 18, 2024

Let’s face it: property managers are often on the go. Depending on how the work is structured, property managers might spend as little as 5% of the time outside of the office or as much as 70%. However responsibilities are divided, the fact is that property managers do need to work from their cars or while they wait for prospective tenants to arrive at a showing. 

Because property managers need to work on the go, mobile apps come in handy. 

While not everything can easily get done from a mobile phone, plenty of work can. 

In this post (the sister to our article on the best property management software), we dive into the top mobile apps for property managers.

Property manager app 1: Appfolio

Appfolio is a comprehensive mobile app for property management that allows you to keep track of tenants, owners, and vendors. You can also create and manage maintenance requests and inspection reports. 

Property manager app 2: Buildium

Another comprehensive option, Buildium is a mobile app that helps property managers keep in contact with tenants, review tenants’ balances and requests, and collect and record resident payments from anywhere. You can also keep track of your to-do list and outstanding maintenance requests. 

Property manager app 3: Showdigs

Showdigs has completely disrupted the residential property management industry by combining a network of local, licensed real estate agents with automated leasing software. This end-to-end leasing solution helps property managers effectively manage and scale their businesses, fill vacancies faster with on-demand tours and scheduling, and provide the highest level of customer service from the start.

The Showdigs mobile app
 can be used to see all upcoming tours, allows you to schedule/reschedule tours, use a Showdigs agent for a tour (where available), and more! 

Property manager app 4: Digital Property Management

Digital Property Management is a mobile app designed to connect property managers, rental owners, and tenants all in one place. The app lets you request and manage vendor services, as well as verify and check the completed work. You can also check outstanding tenant payments and get an instant overview of all current and upcoming vacancies. 

Property manager app 5: Upkeep

Upkeep is a work order maintenance app that can be used by not only property managers but other maintenance and facility management teams. With the app, you can manage work orders, team members, and facility inventory. You can also easily schedule new work orders with a calendar view that helps you plan ahead. 

Property manager app 6: Rentro

With Rentro, property managers can track multiple rental properties including units, leases, and tenants, generate rental invoices and send to tenants using customizable templates. balance books by logging invoices and payments, track expense and income and generate accounting reports, and tons more. 

The app is designed to help you manage just about everything you would on the computer, so if you do travel a lot and have a lot of downtime between showings, this could be a great option for you. If you just want something to keep track of work orders and tenants however, it might be too robust for your needs. 

Property manager app 7: Landlord Studio

While Landlord Studio is certainly intended for use by landlords, it does have enough useful features for property managers that it’s worth mentioning here. It offers some great tenant management features such as Built-In SmartMove® Tenant Screening, tenant communication via phone, email, and SMS, automated rent and overdue rent reminders, centralized tenant tracking, and centralized prospect tracking. 

Likely too simplistic for larger property management companies, this app could be a great fit for small property management companies where property managers handle everything for the doors under their care, from listing to leasing to reporting and more. 

While most of your office work is probably done at home or at the office, sometimes you just need to work from your car or from a rental while you wait for a showing. These apps can help!

To cut down on the time you spend out in the field, check out Showdigs, the end-to-end leasing software that you can use with or without the network of agents to handle all of your scheduling and fieldwork needs.