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Move-In Day with Showdigs and The Maple Leaf Foundation

February 18, 2024

At Showdigs, we understand how vital serving our local community is.

That’s why when we got the opportunity to partner with the Maple Leaf Foundation, we jumped on it! The Maple Leaf Foundation is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that works directly with Maple Leaf Real Estate and Seattle Children’s Hospital to create affordable, nurturing, child-centered housing for low- to moderate-income families who must relocate to Seattle for long-term pediatric cancer and cardiac care.

The part of our partnership that we’ve been the most excited about is being able to sponsor an entire home to serve families in need for years to come. Through fundraising, Showdigs’ generous donation matching, and a little elbow grease, our team is proud to present the Showdigs House!

Check out some of the photos from the big move-in day — we’re beyond excited to welcome the first family to their new home this week!

Visit The Maple Leaf Foundation to donate and learn more!