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Move-In Condition Reports for Property Managers

February 18, 2024

Showdigs now offers move-in inspections! Sending your property management staff out to document the status of a property is enormously time consuming. 

You have to…

  • Find time in your limited schedule to perform the inspection in a tight timeframe
  • Drive to and from the property
  • Spend up to several hours at the property
  • Edit and put together a professional report

Even though move-in inspections are time consuming, they're important. In some states and cities, property managers are required to do a move-in inspection. Even when it’s not part of the law, a move-in is always a smart move.

These inspections help you prevent security deposit disputes in the future, and they can help you navigate the needs of your clients and tenants. With everything documented, you can be sure that you’re being fair to both parties involved. 

We’re adding move-in inspections to our existing service of mid-tenancy inspections, which detect exterior and interior property risk so that you can keep your clients informed of any issues.

With our mid-tenancy inspections, we deliver a thorough PDF report with photographs of any issues, whether that be termite damage, large wall scuffs, or broken cabinetry. 

The difference with move-in inspections is not only do we document damage—we document everything. 

Our photos cover (nearly) every square inch of the property’s interior and exterior features so that later, there are no questions as to the status of the property upon move-in. In addition to the photos, the report also includes written descriptions. 

There are so many reasons why you might want to get help from Showdigs for these inspections:

  • Too much work at the office
  • Prefer to keep staff at the office to focus on onboarding new clients
  • Too many move-ins that week, and can’t handle all of them

Click here to learn more about Showdigs' condition reports.

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