3 Helpful Tips for New Property Managers

February 18, 2024

Property managers have so many competing priorities. They are pulled in so many different directions, from tending to the needs of existing tenants, to coordinating with contractors, to marketing vacancies, to vetting prospective tenants, to showing properties-- the list goes on and on.

It's important to be efficient with your time while still making each property owner, tenant, and prospective tenant feel like they're a top priority. Here are 3 tips for how to create a great experience for those you work with.

1. Get to know your properties. When you take on the management of a new property, make sure you spend the time walking through it and getting to know the ins and outs. What amenities and appliances does it offer? What's the yard like? What is the neighborhood like? Take photos as well for your reference. Knowing your properties will make communication easier on all fronts-- when a tenant has an issue or when a prospective tenant has a question, you'll be ready.

2. Be communicative. When you're a property manager, there is a consistent stream of emails flooding your inbox, pretty much 24/7. While it can be cumbersome to keep up on every single one, it's critical that you are responsive to the needs of your tenants and the property owners. Select the methods of communication that are most manageable for you to utilize-- whether you'd prefer to text, email or talk on the phone, be sure to communicate what is the best way to reach you. If you need more time to respond to emails, try setting up an auto-reply with answers to common questions and your phone number in case of emergency. (Don't forget to turn your ringer on so you don't miss important calls)!

3. Practice patience. Property managers deal with so many types of people, and they deal with them in an often personal setting-- their own home. Things are going to happen. There will be complaints, often about things you can't do much about. There will be things that break, maintenance workers who are behind schedule, missed meetings, missed deadlines. People who are highly emotional or upset, people who are difficult to read, people who you click with and would love to be your friend. It's important to find your zen through all of it, approaching all situations with patience and the level-headedness required to resolve issues swiftly.

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