How Outsourcing Helps Property Managers Fill More Vacancies and Spend Less Money

February 18, 2024

When you first hear the term "outsource" what comes to mind? Overseas call centers and virtual assistants based 8-10 hours ahead of you?

Sure, those are both examples of outsourcing! But when we think about it, there are actually SO many ways to outsource some of your business functions, especially if you outsource locally.

Why Outsource?

So, why should your business outsource in the first place? Is it even worth it? Absolutely.

If you want more time to grow your business, outsourcing is the answer! Outsourcing frees up your time so that you can focus on strategizing and scaling your operations.

It also means that you can hire an expert who prioritizes a specific function of your business that you're not prioritizing. Odds are, the company or person that you outsource to is also going to more skilled at that specific function since that's the only thing they specialize in.

Outsourcing can also be extremely budget-friendly! You can hire an entire team of specialized experts, typically for a monthly fee. More often than not, you will spend less money on that monthly fee than you would if you were paying someone in house (when you consider their salary and benefits).

By strategically outsourcing some of your business functions, you will be able to expand your customer reach, increase your bandwidth, and improve your bottom line.

What's the deal with Outsourcing Locally vs Overseas?

Typically, we think of outsourcing overseas because it's extremely cost effective. If you outsource overseas, you have the benefit of paying lower wages and only paying for the service you use.

There are drawbacks to outsourcing overseas, however, including time differences, language barriers, and feeling like you're less in control.

Outsourcing locally addresses all if those challenges. Having a team of experts handling some of your business functions locally means operating in the same time zone, language, and culture. This alignment will help your outsourcing relationship thrive.

What can you outsource locally as a Property Manager?

Property managers can outsource all kinds of jobs locally. Maintenance, lawn care, cleaning and other property services are usually outsourced locally.

Given the technology available these days, you can also outsource your real estate fieldwork locally!

By working with a company like Showdigs, you get access to an entire network of trained, licensed real estate agents. These local agents are available for on-demand showings, lockbox placements, condition reports, and more whenever you need them!

Instead of paying yearly salaries and benefits to a team of leasing agents, you can pay a small monthly fee and utilize our incredible agents for high-quality and high-touch customer service. As a bonus, our customer support center (locally run by humans!) seamlessly schedules and pre-screens prospects for you.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Start outsourcing locally today!

Your business and community will thank you.