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The Property Management Conference Guide for NARPM 2021

February 18, 2024

The NARPM Annual Convention and Trade Show Overview

Every year, the National Association of Residential Property Managers gathers for a several-day event to network, strategize, learn, and discuss major trends affecting the industry. The 2021 NARPM conference, “Share the Vision” is all about thought leadership and what it means to be a great leader at the top of and within an organization.

Where: This year’s convention will take place at the Loews Hotel in Kansas City, MO, which is located in the Kansas City Power & Light District, features 60,000 square feet of meeting and event space, and connects directly to the Kansas City Convention Center via a newly-constructed pedestrian bridge.

When: Events at the NARPM Annual Convention and Trade Show begin on Tuesday, October 26th and the trade show floor opens the following day on Wednesday, October 27th. The show will run through Friday, October 29th.

NARPM 2021 Annual Trade Show Share the Vision in Kansas City

NARPM Annual Convention Highlights & Must-Sees

Past President’s Charity Fundraiser & President’s Celebration Reception: This charity fundraiser, held off-site and not included in your registration, is raising money for Meals on Wheels America through bowling fun! This bowling fundraiser is happening Tuesday, October 26th from 12pm-3pm CST. The President’s Celebration Reception (Tuesday, October 26th from 5pm-7pm CST) is covered by your full registration fee - it'll be a great chance to meet friends and have fun the night before the trade show floor opens. 

Virtual Exhibit hours: For those of you who are not attending in-person, NARPM is hosting exclusive virtual exhibit hours on Tuesday, October 26th from 7pm-9pm CST (5pm-7pm PST) where you can connect with colleagues and vendors from the comfort of your home or office.

Dive-ins, Drivers & Drive-bys: Smoking Hot Confessions Of BBQ & PropTech: Confessions of BBQ AND PropTech? Sign us up! This General Session is open to all, sure to be a blast, and is happening from 3:30pm-4:30pm CST on Wednesday, October 27th.

The 7th Annual State of the Property Management Industry Report: Mark your calendars for 4:10pm-5pm CST on Thursday, October 28th because you’re not going to want to miss this! The Annual State of the Property Management Industry Report is extremely valuable for understanding what’s happened in the industry this past year, and will help inform what we can expect in the coming years. 

NARPM 2021 Annual Trade Show Keynote Speaker Mary Kelly PhD CSP

Keynote Speaker: We’re lucky to have Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, US Navy (Ret) and the author of “The Five Minute Leadership Guide” as this year’s keynote speaker on Friday, October 29th from 2-3pm CST. Kelly was named one of the top 50 keynote sales speakers in the world and is known for helping teams improve strategy, decision-making, and overall revenues. 

Workshops we’re interested in

  • Autopilot Business Intelligence: Wednesday, October 27th at 10:30am-11:20am CST
  • Employee-Driven Leadership Development: Wednesday October 27th at 2:30pm-3:20pm CST
  • How to Work on Your Business (& Not In It): Thursday, October 28th at 11am-11:50am CST
  • DIY Automations to Free up Time: Friday, October 29th at 9am-10:15am
  • The Future of Property Management Panel: Friday, October 29th at 11am-11:50am CST

Trade show booths we’re excited to visit (View the Floor Plan)

  • Showdigs, Booth #32
  • Zillow Rentals Network, Booth #13
  • Fourandhalf Marketing, Booth #20
  • OnSight Pros, Booth #69
  • Second Nature, Booth #26

What to Do (and Eat) While in Kansas City

union station in kansas city at night NARPM 2021 annual convention for property managers

Kansas City, MO is known for having a thriving arts scene, excellent craft brews, and a propensity for all things sports. Not only that, but the food and beverage scene is pretty unmatched - especially when it comes to smoky barbecue and tasty comfort food, unrivaled distilleries, craft breweries, and more!

What to do in Kansas City

Some places worth checking out include the Boulevard Brewing Company, The City Market, Crown Center, The Money Museum, and the Hallmark Visitors Center. Plus the KC Power & Light District is a great place to walk around, grab coffee, and check out the local stores. Click here for more things to do in KC!

What to eat in Kansas City

Obviously, you have to try the barbecue while in KC! But more than that, Kansas City is known for its traditional and new wave comfort food. If you enjoy drinking, there are tons of craft breweries and inventive distilleries that might pique your interest. Check out places to eat in KC!

Your Guide to Getting the Most out of a Conference

You paid your registration fee, booked your flights and hotel, and arranged coverage for while you’re out of office - now it’s time to get the most out of your time at the 2021 NARPM Annual Convention and Trade Show. This guide is to help you do just that!

This information can be applied to any trade show, conference, or convention so be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily refer back to it at any time! Here's what's covered:

  • Packing for a conference
  • Networking at a conference
  • Finding new software, solutions, and vendors at a conference
  • Having fun at a conference
  • What not to do at a conference

Packing for a Conference

  • Of course you’ll start by packing the usual: clothes (layers are key!), a jacket (depending on when/where you’re going), your phone, laptop, etc.
  • Don’t forget to also bring your mask (per COVID regulations), extra pens, a notebook, business cards, an extra charger, and hand sanitizer.

Networking at a Conference

  • Networking - people either love it or hate it. Regardless, it’s a necessary and worthwhile part of conferences because it can lead to meaningful business connections, the sharing of ideas, and new friendships!
  • It’s good to figure out who you want to meet with before getting to the conference - you’ll be able to prepare a game plan to make the most of your time and impress who you’re talking to by doing your research ahead of time.
  • Reach out to your network to see who’s planning to attend the conference, follow the conference/hashtag on social media, and check the agenda to have a better idea of who will be there.

Finding New Software, Solutions, and Vendors at a Conference

  • Not every booth will have something useful to you or your business, so it’s a good idea to study the floor plan ahead of time and make a list of which booths are worth stopping at.
  • It’s important to to use your time at the conference to really evaluate your business as a whole. Rethink your current processes and be open to learning from new industry trends.
  • Helpful tip: Make a list of two or three things in your day-to-day business operations that you either really don’t like to do or that take up too much of your time - odds are these are tasks that can either be automated or outsourced. Keep an eye out for vendors who could fill in those gaps, and have conversations with those reps at the conference! They can give you all sorts of free advice, and you may even walk away with the perfect solution. 

Having Fun at a Conference 

  • Conferences shouldn’t be 100% about work! Attend happy hours, schedule coffee meet ups, and fit in some local sightseeing. 
  • Trade shows and conventions are usually filled with all sorts of raffles and giveaways - enter all of them if you can! Vendors usually bring tons of swag to events like this and love to give it away as prizes. For example, if you stop by the Showdigs Booth #32 during the 2021 NARPM Annual Convention and Trade show, you can enter a free raffle to win a “Winter Prize Pack,” complete with a YETI tumbler, beanie, and cozy fleece blanket.

What Not to Do at a Conference

  • Don’t go to a conference without a plan - making the most out of a conference means being smart about your time and planning ahead. You only get these opportunities once a year (if that!), and the last thing you want to do is waste the time and money you spent getting there.
  • Don’t expect to do everything on your list - a plan is great for maximizing your time, however, things come up and you might not be able to check everything off your list. It’s best to prioritize the things that matter most to you and your business and leave some wiggle room for spontaneity.
  • Don’t just stick with your clique - catching up with old friends at conferences is the best, especially after a pandemic has cancelled almost two years worth of plans for everyone. Spend time with your people, but make sure to also spend some time networking, learning, and meeting new people.

We'll see you at Booth #32 at the 2021 NARPM Annual Convention and Trade Show!