How Showdigs Helps Property Managers Scale with Seasonality

February 18, 2024

Property management is hyper-seasonal. Some months you’re extremely busy, and some months are so slow that the last thing you need is to pay for something (or someone) you’re not utilizing. So what can you do to deal with the seasonality of property management?

Sure, you can hire for the busy season — but what happens when things get slow again? You can sign up for a software platform that keeps you afloat during the summer months, but how does paying for it for the rest of the year make sense? 

A solution exists: Showdigs is the only leasing platform that will scale up and down with your business throughout the year. With our pricing model, you only pay for the properties you’re actively leasing and the fieldwork you’re offloading. 

Let’s take a look at how our network of on-demand agents, lead-powered self-scheduling platform, and in-house Live Operations team can save you time and money when you need it most!

On-demand agents trained for all of your fieldwork needs

Showdigs saves property managers massive amounts of time and money, allowing them to scale their business. Since you only pay for the fieldwork we do, you can offload as much or as little as you’d like. Our platform is meant to be used year-round: you only pay for the properties you’re actively leasing, so when the slow months hit, you’re not paying for anything you’re not using!

Four types of showings

We offer four different types of showings, so you have the flexibility to mix and match what’s right for your business! With Showdigs, showings revolve around the lead’s schedule. Prospective tenants can schedule a tour in as little as an hour, any day of the week including after-hours and weekends. After the showing, you’ll receive a tour report, and the lead will immediately receive the link to your application.

1. On-demand showings: Our self-scheduled, vacant or occupied agent-led tours are handled by our specially-trained Showdigs Agents and include a tour report that gives you full visibility into all of your lead’s questions, comments, and concerns. 

2. Self-showings: Showdigs is the first and only self-showing platform that combines AI facial recognition with human-verified security measures to stop scammers in their tracks! Unlimited self-showings are included with every Showdigs subscription at no additional cost. 

3. Virtual tours: If you choose to enable live video showings, your prospective renters can select a live video tour when scheduling a showing. A Showdigs Agent will go to the property, join the live video room with the prospect, and conduct a personalized tour as if they were there in person. Property managers can even join themselves if they want to see how the tour is conducted.

4. Open house showings: Open house showings are a game changer for properties with high tour traffic, high interest, low budget, or low monthly rent.

Instead of paying per tour, you can pay by the hour to fit an unlimited number of leads into a one- or two-hour showing window! This way, you can spend less money on marketing and tours, and your properties will spend fewer days on market.

Mid-tenancy and Move-in/Move out (MIMO) condition reports:

From documenting the status of the property before a new move-in to getting full visibility into the condition of the property during tenancy, Showdigs Agents are specially trained to produce high-quality reports that can be sent directly to owners. 

Both types of reports include a comprehensive PDF report with photos of (nearly) every inch of the property. A licensed Showdigs Agent documents the condition of each interior room, as well as landscaping, exterior walls, and anything outside that is visible from the ground.

If you’re already conducting periodic inspections, you’ll save time and money by offloading these to our Showdigs Agents! If you’re not, you’ll be able to offer more options to your clients. In fact, most owners are happy to pay for more check-ins throughout a tenancy to protect their investment! 

Marketing photos:

Our Showdigs Agents are trained to take photos of your properties according to your specifications. Sit back, relax, and we’ll send you twenty enhanced and optimized photos within 48 hours!

showdigs helps property managers scale with seasonality

Our in-house Live Operations team is included with every Showdigs Subscription

One of the most important (and time-consuming) aspects of being a property manager is being able to respond quickly and effectively to every call, text, and email that comes in from potential tenants. Say goodbye to call centers that outsource overseas — your leasing conversations are handled in-house by our team of friendly and knowledgeable representatives who get leasing. 

We'll never charge by the minute or by the volume — all Showdigs subscriptions come with the call center service, available 7 days a week during all showing windows, to make your life as easy as possible. 

Easy, automated scheduling that your leads will love

Nothing’s worse than an inbox filled with hundreds of inquiries. Our automated scheduling software responds instantly to all your inbound requests, ensuring you never miss an interested prospect and never have to deal with an overflowing inbox again.

leads love the convenience and ease of showdigs lead-powered scheduling platform

Showdigs’ lead-powered platform allows leads to schedule and reschedule tours right from their smartphone. Leads love the convenience of easy scheduling and on-demand tours.

Scale and grow with Showdigs

Showings fluctuate, but our commitment to your business remains the same. With our simple pricing, you only pay for the properties you need to lease — allowing you to scale your business during the busy season, and not waste money when it’s slow. With the option to offload as much or as little fieldwork as you’d like, you can use your down time for business development, and know we have your back for when leasing season is in full swing!

Chat with a member of our team to see why Showdigs is the #1 solution to take you from listing to leasing worry-free!

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