Showdigs Self-Showings: An Overview of the Lead Experience

February 18, 2024

One of the most important aspects of a good self-showing software is the lead experience. In this article, we’re showing you how leads move along through the scheduling, tour, and post-tour process!


When a lead clicks the link to schedule a self-showing:

They will be asked to select a date and time to tour, and will then be prompted to enter their contact information.

A message is sent to the lead stating that all parties included on the lease must qualify for the renting criteria. Qualifying pre-screening questions are sent at this time.

Once the lead schedules a tour, they will be asked to verify their identity. Leads may select the privacy policy link for more information.

Now, the lead selects the country of their government ID, ID type, and is prompted to submit a photo of their ID.

The lead is prompted to scan their face for identity verification. This biometric data will be deleted immediately.

Upon completion of the biometric scan, the lead is given confirmation that verification is complete. The prospect is then asked to verify their phone number using a 4-digit code that is sent via text message.

The tour

Once scheduled, the lead will receive a confirmation text.

This text message includes a link to the property’s access information. From this page, the lead will find the information on the location of the lockbox, and will be prompted to enter the serial number.

While the lead is entering the serial number, our system will validate their location to ensure that they are within 500m of the property (Note: If permission wasn’t already granted through their browser, the lead will be prompted to allow access to their location services. If permission was not granted through their browser first, they will need to refresh the page. Failure to grant this permission will stop the flow here).

After the tour

At the end of the tour, the lead will be reminded to return the property to its original state (lights are turned off, key is returned to the lockbox and the combination is scrambled, etc.).

To finalize the tour, the lead is prompted to answer how much they liked the property and fill out a section for any questions or concerns.

Showdigs delivers the most secure self-showings available in addition to best-in-class lead experience. Ready to revolutionize your leasing process?

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