Property Managers: Showing Your Own Vacancy is a Waste of Your Time

February 18, 2024

Whether you own 1 or 15 rental properties, showing your vacancies can be a time consuming and stressful job. There are typically going to be several showings before you and your tenant make a final decision to sign a lease together. For each one of those showings, you’ll need to coordinate timing, drive over to the property, give a tour, answer questions, drive home, follow up, and wait to hear back on next steps. For 80% of property managers, scheduling showings often means taking time off of work or taking time away from family on evenings and weekends.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for prospective renters to request several showings. Often times, if they like the place, they’ll want a second opinion of friends and family members before they make a decision. Additionally, no-shows or last-minute cancellations are fairly common, which can be a frustrating waste of time.

For Rick Putnam, a long-time manager of 9 investment properties around the Puget Sound Area, there is-- quite literally-- no crappier job than showing his properties. “I’d rather fix toilets,” he assuredly told Showdigs. Back when Rick used to work full time for Boeing, he spent exorbitant amounts of time and effort after hours managing his properties. Now retired, he still finds coordinating showings to be one of the most frustrating aspects about being a property manager and struggles to find the time for it.

He shared with us some of his woes and why he’d rather get called to fix a plumbing problem.

“Usually I can fix a toilet in one visit, but showing a house or condo to prospective tenants often means I have to make multiple visits to that property throughout the weeks of showings, sometimes several showings for one family if someone can’t make it the first time and wants to see it before making a final decision. Often times, people won’t show up or have to cancel last minute when I’m already on my way there, and it really interrupts my day. Even after several showings or several reschedulings, there’s still no guarantee that they’ll wind up renting the place.”

As a Remond resident managing properties as far away as Lake City and Tacoma, it becomes a huge burden to drive 2 hours round trip to show a property, just to get a last-minute request to reschedule for another day. Showdigs helps you bypass all of the chaos and time-consuming logistics of showing your properties by doing it for you! Our team of licensed real estate agents is on-call and ready to show your property to prospective tenants whenever is convenient for them, through any number of reschedulings and repeat showings, with absolutely no hassle for you.

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