The 7 Best Leasing CRMs for Your Property Management Business

May 17, 2024

A comprehensive leasing CRM is key to staying organized and responsive to your leads and existing tenants. With an optimized CRM, you can automate nearly every aspect of the leasing process — allow prospective renters to self-schedule tours after completing pre-screening questions, set up automation to complete mid-tenancy property documentation, and make the move-in/move-out process a breeze — all while maintaining a personalized experience. 

A well-built CRM will also make client communication and onboarding easier for you and your in-house team. Many of the software on this list integrate with or include knowledge base tools and AI chatbots, making it easy for clients, leads, and tenants to receive prompt answers to any questions they may have.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the 7 best leasing CRMs for property managers:


Of course, we’re partial to Showdigs, but our software is the leading CRM specifically built for single family property managers! Our leasing hub makes it easy to view your entire leasing funnel, gauge how each property is performing, or keep tabs on individual leads. Prospects are pre-qualified through your leasing requirements and can easily self-schedule through our marketing automation. Our software integrates directly with tools like AppFolio and CodeBox, making it easy to fit us into your existing tech stack. 

Take a free self-guided product tour to view the Showdigs leasing funnel in action!

Showdigs property management CRM and leasing funnel


Knock CRM is a RealPage product and arguably the most comprehensive CRM built for the multifamily property management space. This software provides marketing automation that makes it easy for leads to self-schedule showings, as well as tools to qualify prospects with email, SMS, and chatbot automation. Their leasing dashboard and task list make it easy for your in-house team to keep a close eye on the funnel while staying organized. 

Knock is great for leasing teams and property managers, and the software is also built with multifamily owners in mind. Their Centralized Leasing Suite makes it easy for the team to cross-sell across multiple properties, and their straightforward dashboard presents the metrics that are crucial for performance measurement.

Knock CRM for property managers


While HubSpot isn’t built specifically for property managers, it’s still one of the most versatile CRMs available. Nevertheless, it’s a great software for automating communication to your leads, tenants, and clients! While you can use HubSpot for free, you’ll get the most use out of their Sales and Marketing Hub options — which can cost a pretty penny depending on how many marketing contacts you expect to generate. Since there’s no integration between HubSpot and software like AppFolio, it may be best to use for communication rather than keeping an eye on your properties’ performance.

HubSpot CRM


LeadSimple is another great CRM built specifically for property managers and other real estate professionals. Because of this, their automation is tailored specifically for tasks like owner and renter onboarding, move-in and move-out documentation, rent collection, and property marketing. They integrate directly with tools like Buildium, Propertyware, and Rentvine, effectively automating all aspects of your business.

LeadSimple CRM


ShowMojo is a leasing automation platform designed to streamline the rental process. Property managers can advertise listings on various websites, utilize a virtual assistant for calls and scheduling, and automate follow-up emails after showings. Renters can conveniently schedule showings online anytime. Showmojo focuses on text-based communications, automated phone answer, autonomous scheduling and digital access devices.


Tenant Turner

Tenant Turner is a property management software designed to automate and centralize the leasing process. The platform features a cloud-based tenant lead CRM that streamlines lead management and ensures Fair Housing Act compliance. Tenant Turner also boasts powerful reporting tools that provide property managers with real-time insights into the leasing pipeline.

tenant turner


RentDynamics, recently acquired by Entrata, is another great option for multifamily property managers. This software provides detailed analytics for each stage of the pre-lease process, while RentPlus, their credit-building product, helps secure repeat renters and enhances tenant satisfaction. RentDynamics integrates with other software like Rently, Yardi, and RealPage, making it a great addition to your leasing tech stack.

RentDynamics CRM

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