5 Time-Saving Tips to Be a More Efficient Property Manager

Whether you have an investment property for passive income or if you’re a professional managing numerous properties, time management is essential to a property manager’s success.

If your goal as a property manager is to generate passive income, then it goes without saying that the less time you spend managing the property, the more passive your rental income will be. When you have several properties under your management, you will quickly realize how much each seemingly small task for tenants adds up and eats away at your time. Among the most time-consuming tasks are responding to issues and concerns that come up for the tenants, coordinating with tenants to schedule maintenance and repairs, driving to inspections, and the most time consuming task of all, showing the property to prospective tenants.

Here are some ways you can minimize busy-work and reclaim your time:

Set expectations and delegate responsibilities up front with your tenant. When they sign the lease, let them know what types of maintenance work and problems are up to them to solve on their own, and what types of issues warrant a call to their property manager. Professional property manager Lindsey Montoya Mozeika recalls, “I’ve had people call me with problems like ‘my light won’t work,’ so I ask them ‘did you replace the lightbulb?’ They actually asked me to come change out their lightbulb, and I just had to say no. It’s always nice when people can be a little self-reliant to figure those things out on their own, or at least try a few simple solutions before calling.”

Creating that expectation to be self-reliant can go a long way in saving yourself from requests to drive an hour to change a lightbulb. Consider creating some simple solution guides that your tenants can refer to if they face common household issues to further encourage them to problem-solve to the best of their ability before they give you a call.

Invest in quality appliances. Even the most self-reliant tenants will need to call you more often if that 1997 dryer isn’t drying or the refrigerator starts leaking every other month. It will save you time-- and money-- in the long run if you get newer, more reliable appliances. You won’t be getting as many aggravated phone calls about things breaking, you won’t have to dish out money replacing parts or hiring contractors to make repairs, and you won’t have to worry about the logistics of coordinating schedules to have someone actually get into the property to make the repairs. It may feel like a steep price to pay up front, but it will be worth every penny.

Pre-schedule your inspections. It can be a nightmare trying to coordinate schedules with tenants, whether they’re well-intentioned but busy, they’re stubborn, or they’re just plain flaky. Deciding on inspection dates and times well ahead of time, even as early as when they sign their lease, can save you a lot of time down the road. Staying ahead of quick-filling calendars makes it easier for both you and your tenants to plan ahead, and minimizes excuses for requesting to reschedule. Just send over a series of reminders as the inspection date approaches to confirm they didn’t forget!

Communicate virtually with tenants as often as you can. Driving between properties can eat away at so much of your time, and in today’s world, it’s easier than ever to stay connected virtually that ever before. If a tenant needs to show you something at the property or has a maintenance concern, see if you can accomplish your task over a video call whenever possible. As Lindsey told us, “being at my computer more often, instead of driving, allows me to prepare more in advance and stay on top of things.”

Schedule your property showings with Showdigs. We connect your prospective tenants to a licensed real estate agent who can show them the property on-demand. No scheduling logistics, no driving back and forth, they just go online and book their showing! Take it from Lindsey: “Before Showdigs, people would have to deal with my schedule only. I have other responsibilities and it’s hard to make time to drive from place to place and get to everything that I need to get to on time. with Showdigs, tenants don’t have to work around my schedule, and it saves a lot of time for everyone.”

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