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Top 7 FAQs asked by landlords

February 18, 2024

When we talk to landlords about Showdigs, these 7 questions commonly come up.

Will the agent be able to show my property with the same level of detail as I can?

The showings are done with our network of professional real estate agents intentionally to make sure that the people who are showing your property are skilled sales people.  They are all certified and got through training to help prepare them to do a great job.  In addition we assist the agent, with your help, to make sure they highlight all of the important details.  

Can I get details about a tour after it takes place?

Yes.  Our agents are required to submit a tour report that will detail the visit and any important details to help make sure you are well aware of opinions regarding the property and other important details.

Can you show occupied units?

Yes.  Our tool will coordinate the schedules of the prospect, our agent and also your current tenant.  You can configure times that are convenient for your tenant when you make a property available for tours.

Do you help with advertising?

Our service is not an advertising service but we integrate with most major advertising tools like Zillow or Zumper.  We also provide a page that you can use to allow prospects to schedule a tour.

How do the agents access the property?

Our Agents can access the property anyway you’d like them to -- you just need to provide notes as to how they can. Whether it’s a contractor lockbox, an MLS lockbox, a concierge that’s holding on to the key, a keypad, or any other access path you could imagine, as long as you can communicate that when you set up your property, our Agents will get the job done.

What happens with no-shows?

We do not charge for no-shows.  We have a communication system that engages the prospect several times to maximize the odds of their arrival that has reduced the number of no-shows to a very insignificant number.  We also automatically cancel and reschedule tours with prospects that do not confirm their appointment.

Does Showdigs help with screening and applications?

If a prospect wishes to apply, our agent will use the application or link you provide during setup to send to them for next steps.

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