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Websites for Property Managers: Where to Hire a Leasing Agent

February 18, 2024

With thousands of online job board options available, it’s difficult to know which one is right for your property management business. If you’re searching for a new team member in the midst of busy leasing season, chances are, you’re desperate to hire and onboard a new employee as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we’re diving into the best free and paid job websites, as well as a new solution to the hiring process: gig workers!

Your own website

Posting jobs directly on your website’s careers page is the best way to attract high-intent, high-quality job seekers. Providing a page dedicated to your open positions gives the job seeker a chance to learn more about your company’s history, your team and company culture, and your values. In a world of AI-written job postings that simply list role expectations and desired qualifications, a thoughtfully composed careers page can make your job seekers feel welcomed.

A well-optimized careers page can also significantly increase your visibility on Google Jobs, which aggregates job listings from across the web. While many third-party job providers automatically integrate with Google Jobs, if you’re posting your jobs directly to your website, there are a few extra steps to take. Here’s a comprehensive article written by Google that covers everything you need to know about appearing in Google’s Job search results!


Indeed is the largest online job board in the world with an average of over 300 million monthly users. While this gives employers a large lead pool, the downside is that most property managers use it, so you’ll likely be up against your local competition. However, it is free to post on Indeed with the option to sponsor your job listing.

If you’re desperately searching for a new hire, sponsoring your job post may be worth it. Indeed’s pricing is a little tricky since it’s based around your specific role, but they will tell you how much you’ll pay per application before you decide to sponsor your ad! Indeed gives employers 72 hours to reject candidates that don’t meet your desired criteria, which is helpful in keeping prices low. For more information about Indeed’s pricing structure, check out their pricing guide.


While Showdigs isn’t a job board, we employ a network of thousands of on-demand, licensed real estate agents in 17 cities across the country! Showdigs Agents are professional real estate agents specially trained to handle property management fieldwork such as in-person showings, condition and move-in/move-out inspections, marketing photos, and more.

With a Showdigs subscription, property managers only pay for the tours completed and the properties that are actively listed. Tired of hiring employees during peak leasing season, just to pay unnecessary wages when rental demand is low in the winter? Take a look at our website to see if on-demand, in-person tours are right for you!


While it’s not free to post on ZipRecruiter (unless you take advantage of their four-day free trial), posting your job here automatically posts it to 100+ other websites and social networks. Additionally, after posting, ZipRecruiter’s algorithm will search for resumes within its database that match your desired criteria, and invite the most qualified candidates to apply for jobs. While standard monthly plans start at $299 a month, ZipRecruiter does provide a great ROI if you’re looking to hire long-term.

Finding the right online job board can be overwhelming, but ultimately, it comes down to finding the platform that aligns with your business’ needs.

If you’re looking to break the perpetual cycle of feeling understaffed during summer, but wasting resources in the winter, you’ll benefit from Showdigs.

Our pricing scales with the needs of your business, so you’ll never pay for more than you’re actively using. 

Learn more about how Showdigs Agents can save you time and money, or book a time to chat with our leasing experts to see why hundreds of property managers are revolutionizing their businesses with Showdigs.