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February 18, 2024

What Are The Continuing Education Requirements for Real Estate Licensees?

Real estate agents and brokers have specified amounts of continuing education that they must complete each year (or designated time period) to keep their real estate license active. Everything from the continuing education requirements to pre-licensing and post-licensing can be different depending on the state. 

How many hours of continuing education do I need to renew my real estate license? 

Let’s take a look at the continuing education hour requirements for real estate licensees in each state. Note that some states use license cycles that may be two or three years. It’s always best to look up exactly what your state requires!

  • Alabama: 15 hours
  • Alaska: 20 hours
  • Arizona: 30 hours 
  • Arkansas: 7 hours
  • California: 45 hours are required every 4 years in order to renew. First-time salespersons, first-time brokers, and second & subsequent renewals for both all have different class requirements. 
  • Colorado: 24 hours of CE must be completed within each 3-year license cycle.
  • ​​Connecticut: 12 hours 
  • District of Columbia: 15 hours
  • Delaware: 21 hours 
  • Florida: Most licensees must complete 14 hours of CE every two years.  First-time renewals must complete the 45-hour Sales Associate Complete Post-License Course. Licenses expire on March 31st or September 30th every two years.
  • Georgia: 36 hours 
  • Hawaii: 20 hours
  • Idaho: 12 elective hours plus two core courses
  • Illinois: 12 hours
  • Indiana: 12 hours 
  • Iowa: 36 hours
  • Kansas: 12 hours
  • Kentucky: 6 hours
  • Louisiana: 12 hours
  • Maine: 21 hours
  • Maryland: 15 hours
  • Massachusetts: 12 hours
  • Michigan: 18 hours
  • Minnesota: 30 hours
  • Mississippi: 16 hours
  • Missouri: 12 hours
  • Montana: 12 hours
  • Nebraska: 18 hours
  • Nevada: 24 hours
  • New Hampshire: 15 hours
  • New Jersey: 12 hours
  • New Mexico: 36 hours
  • New York: 22.5 hours
  • North Carolina: 8 hours
  • North Dakota: 9 hours
  • Ohio: 30 hours
  • Oklahoma: 21 hours
  • Oregon: 30 hours are required for most license holders for renewals. First-time renewals have additional requirements.
  • Pennsylvania: 14 hours
  • Rhode Island: 24 hours
  • South Carolina: 10 hours
  • South Dakota: 12 hours
  • Tennessee: 16 hours
  • Texas: 18 hours
  • Utah: 18 hours
  • Vermont: 16 hours
  • Virginia: 16 hours
  • Washington: For second and subsequent renewals, real estate brokers and managing brokers are required to take 30 hours of CE. 15 of those hours must be completed within 24 months of the renewal dates.
  • West Virginia: 7 hours
  • Wisconsin: 18 hours
  • Wyoming: 45 hours

Can real estate continuing education credits transfer between states?

Because real estate licensing requirements vary substantially between states, CE credits are usually not transferable. They are only transferable if the state offers something called “licensing reciprocity” - meaning that if you’re licensed in one state and wish to move your license to a different state, it’s possible to do so without taking all the required courses.

Where can I find continuing education classes to take?

Taking continuing education classes online is popular these days due to real estate agents seeking convenience, flexibility, and safety. If you’re looking for continuing education classes from one of the top online real estate schools, look no further! Real Estate Express has a large catalog of continuing education courses for real estate agents and brokers that are “led by industry experts who know what it takes to succeed.”

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