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February 18, 2024

Realtor Marketing Ideas: 24 Blog Posts for Real Estate Agents

The importance of blogs isn’t going away anytime soon, as new studies from HubSpot and BrightEdge show. According to BrightEdge, whose data was based on a dataset of 10,000 keywords with various intents across several industries, 19 percent of top ten Google search results were blogs.

Most common page types found in top 10 Google search results by Showdigs and BrightEdge

24 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents:

Let’s start off with a few guide ideas. While the keyword competition for these types of articles is high (since you’re likely competing for traffic with established brands like TripAdvisor and other large publications), these are a great way to let your personality shine on your blog!

1. Guide to the neighborhoods in your city

TIP: Visit your city’s Reddit page and search the name of each nearby neighborhood to spur some ideas! New neighbors are always asking for recommendations from seasoned locals.

2. Guide to local restaurants/monthly events/landmarks/venues

3. Guide to the best local natural scenery and hikes

4. The best nearby day trip destinations

Now, for some advice-based blog ideas. While you may be thinking “Um, duh” As most real estate agents post the following types of blogs, they truly are a great way to showcase your knowledge. Since the market changes so frequently, you can create a template to rinse and repeat, which works especially well for keeping your social media feed looking consistent!

5. Local housing trends

6. New builds in the area

7. Mortgage rate statistics

8. Market predictions

The ideas above are good for capturing high-intent leads who are actively looking to buy or sell. Here are a few ideas to capture the attention of people who are just getting their feet wet in the world of real estate.

9. Is now a good time to buy/sell?

10. The ins and outs of buying your first home

Again, this is a pretty common topic. However, as seen below, the competition for some of these key phrases isn’t extraordinarily high. And, since we’re focusing on local SEO, there’s a good chance that people are searching these phrases and including your city, meaning competition is even lower.

(P.S.If you’re looking for a free keyword research tool, we used WordStream!)

Search results for first time home buyer SEO blog

11. Everything you need to know about getting a home loan

12. How to pick a mortgage lender

13. How to pick a real estate agent

This is the time to do a bit of humble bragging!

14. The most affordable neighborhoods in your city

15. The fastest growing suburbs near your city

16. Home buying checklist for first time buyers

17. Mistakes that most first time home buyers make

18. Pros and cons of FSBO vs. using a real estate agent

19. Why everyone should consider school districts when buying

20. The best places to find available listings online

21. How to purchase a home with student loan debt

22. How to move on a budget

23. Everything you need to know about property taxes

24. Pros and cons of renting vs. buying in your town

Now that you’re ready to create some killer blog content, it’s time to think about your offline lead generation strategies. If you’re looking to build your network while earning extra income as a real estate agent, become a Showdigs Agent! Showdigs is completely free and requires zero commitment — fit our showings into your schedule when you have time.

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