Supplemental Income

What are the Benefits of Being a Showing Agent?

The obvious incentive for a real estate agent to join Showdigs is the opportunity to earn supplemental income. 

Besides that, what are the other benefits? And what does your broker get out of your partnership with Showdigs?

How Showdigs Benefits Agents and their Brokers

Let's go over the four major benefits that help both real estate agents AND their brokers!

1. Agents get great neighborhood experience

One of the best ways for real estate agents to set themselves apart is to have unmatched knowledge of the area in which they buy and sell homes. Sure, real estate agents can spend their desk time doing research about a neighborhood, but the best way to learn is by doing!

Showdigs gives real estate agents an opportunity to show properties in their own neighborhood, which helps reinforce their expertise and expands their knowledge of the area.

2. Supplemental income will cover your desk fees and other monthly costs

Being a real estate agent is expensive. In fact, an article on The CE Shop states that the costs associated with becoming an agent can range from $1,500 to over $2,000.

And according to Realtyna, it can take 6 months to one year to start making any money, and 18 months before you can expect a profit.

This explains why a lot of real estate agents have some kind of side hustle for the first several years - or maybe being a real estate agent is the side hustle.

Either way, Showdigs is a great way to make supplemental income every month, which can help cover your desk fees or other costs of doing business.

3. The more practice showing properties, the better

We all know practice makes perfect, especially for newer agents. So if business is slow, how are real estate agents supposed practice showing properties?

With Showdigs, real estate agents get paid for all the practice they want or need! Showdigs tours are only for rental properties, so the stakes are much lower without negotiations, contracts, or commissions to discuss.

4. Market yourself to potential future leads

The common question on real estate agents' minds - whether new or a seasoned professional - is “How can I get more leads?”

A typical real estate agent either has to pay big bucks to generate a small number of leads, or just struggles to get in front new people to practice marketing themselves.

Agents who conduct tours with Showdigs are encouraged to leave their contact information with any prospect who shows interest in buying or selling in the future.

Even though our agents show rentals, it’s an opportunity for them to meet people, market themselves, and see if the prospect knows anyone looking to buy or sell.

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