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February 18, 2024

Like a Pro: Property Showing Tips from a Showing Agent

When it comes to property management, showing properties is among the most time consuming tasks. Showdigs is a property management solution that allows you reclaim that time and focus on the more important things, while helping you fill vacancies faster. We connect your prospective tenants to a licensed real estate agent who can show the property for you, on-demand.

The team at Showdigs sat down with Logan Tice, a licensed real estate agent, to hear some insights about real estate and his processes.

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SD: What has been your biggest challenge about being a real estate agent?

LT: The biggest challenge for me is finding people to work with. It’s incredibly difficult for a number of reasons, and you have to be really detail oriented. In today’s world, buyers are really informed people and they have a lot of choices. If you’re not doing anything to stand out, then you won’t-- when you’re younger and brand new to the business, it’s really challenging to set yourself apart.

SD: What is your process like for showing a property?

LT: For the clients and the buyers that I work with, we always start with a consultation, which helps us determine the pricepoint, neighborhood, and what they’re initially looking for overall. This saves a lot of time and headache down the road so we don’t waste time looking at the wrong places. If they’re looking to buy, they’ll get preapproved for a loan before we go out and look at homes. Usually, their requirements tend to change over time as they explore their options— it’s a constantly evolving process.

SD: In your opinion, what makes for proper apartment showing etiquette?

LT: First and foremost, know what you’re showing. Look up the details, anticipate which questions the prospect might ask you. Be knowledgeable about the area you’re showing properties in, and be prepared to answer questions about it.

SD: In your opinion, what makes for a successful property showing?

LT: When then prospect or the client walks away confident—either to take it off the list of contenders and keep looking, or to move forward to purchase or rent it. There’s always dialogue that happens when I show homes that helps me to decide what to show them next and what about it they didn’t like so we can continue exploring and getting closer to the right thing.

SD: What can a property manager do in preparation for showings that makes your job easier?

LT: Make sure the home shows as well as it can. Clean the windows, make sure the carpets are clean. Simple things. It’s often the really small things that can make a property show its best. Also, having clear access notes is important, so that the agents showing the property don’t have to search for the key or struggle to get inside.

SD: You see a lot of properties-- do you have any advice you’d offer to property managers about how to make their more appealing to prospective tenants?

LT: It really comes down to those simple things I mentioned before. A property is what it is, and it’s the PM’s job to make it look as good as possible. Have it cleaned, open the windows, clean the windows and blinds. You can’t change anything too dramatically, the property is what it is-- just make it look good.

SD: What is the process of working with Showdigs like for you, and how has it made a difference in your work?

LT: It’s such a super easy platform-- I love Showdigs. If I were managing properties I would definitely use Showdigs. It saves so much time for the property managers and for them to really focus on the important things like asking sure the legal stuff is done right and let the licensed brokers take care of the showings and sales. It’s location-based, so it works like Uber for real estate agents. It can be really nice to be in the area and just pick up a showing-- it takes 15 minutes, and it’s extra money in my pocket! Plus, the people I meet could be clients down the road, so that’s an added value in my mind.

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