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Showdigs Completes Bay Area Rollout, Gears Up for California Launch

November 1, 2023

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Seattle, Washington — 09/23/2021 — Showdigs, a revolutionary combination of marketing automation software and on-demand services for single-family property managers, today announces their official Bay Area launch after a successful soft rollout. Showdigs' rapid success in this major market highlights the larger trend in property management technology (PropTech) toward on-demand services.

Interest in PropTech has grown substantially over the last several years, due to both the recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the steady influx of tech-forward, millennial renters. Showdigs attributes much of their recent traction to a few factors: the dramatic time savings they give property managers, the on-demand experience they provide younger renters, and their ability to rapidly meet critical safety standards created by CoVid.

"I've been blown away by how much more we're able to take on," said Sean McCarthy, owner of Golden State Property Management in San Jose, California. "For the same cost as one full-time employee, I can have 10 Showdigs Agents handling all of our showings at the same time."

Showdigs maintains a network of local, licensed real estate agents to professionally handle fieldwork on demand for property managers - operating much the same way as DoorDash's driver network. With the Showdigs platform, property managers can offer on-demand tours of their properties through an autoresponder that communicates via text and email. Prospective tenants are qualified in real-time and can communicate directly with the Showdigs Support Team, eliminating the need for property managers to handle incoming calls.

"The idea came from the difficulties property managers had in scheduling showings and managing inspections," said Kobi Bensimon, founder and CEO of Showdigs. "By handling this fieldwork, we allow property managers to scale their door count and expand geographically, no longer limited to how far they're willing to drive. It's revolutionary for the agents too. They can create a steady income between sales while building a pipeline of potential first-time buyers who, after a year or two of renting, might circle back when they are ready to buy. It's a win-win-win."

Over the last three years, Showdigs has gone from a small agent network in Seattle to a fully built out SaaS platform with hundreds of agents across Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Austin, and Orlando/Miami. Before the end of 2021, Showdigs will rollout their software-only offerings nationwide and plan to spend 2022 rapidly growing their Agent Network across the US and Canada.

About Showdigs

Founded in 2018 by PropTech veteran Kobi Bensimon, Showdigs is a one-of-a-kind leasing marketplace connecting and improving the lives of property managers, renters, and real estate agents. The software enables property managers to scale and simplify their business by outsourcing fieldwork and automating the listing to leasing process. At the same time, it provides prospective renters with a modern, on-demand rental hunting process, while helping licensed real estate agents sharpen their skills and supplement their income.

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