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Showdigs and Nomad Partner to Bring a New Alternative to Property Management Nationwide

February 18, 2024

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Seattle, Washington — 07/13/2023 — Showdigs and Nomad are pleased to announce they have entered into a powerful strategic partnership that will enable Nomad to rapidly scale operations for its groundbreaking property management alternative. With plans to service multiple new markets in the coming months, this partnership is poised to reshape the property management landscape on a national scale.

Nomad, the leading marketplace serving small-scale rental property owners, provides financial certainty for landlords through their unique Guaranteed Rent offering. By taking a tech-forward approach and adopting tools like Showdigs, Nomad has been able to become a next-gen alternative to traditional property managers. Access to Showdigs’ network of on-demand, licensed real estate agents enables Nomad to expand without the traditional overhead costs of entering a new market.

With this strategic alliance, Showdigs and Nomad are ushering in a future of tech-forward leasing for property owners and renters alike. “This partnership has removed the geographic constraints that presented a barrier to nationwide growth,” said PJ O’Neil, co-founder and CEO of Nomad. “Together with Showdigs, we can further our mission to combat the costs of rising interest rates and inflation for mom-and-pop landlords by offering a service that goes beyond traditional property management.”

“Through our partnership with Nomad, we’re thrilled to provide a streamlined approach to national expansion,” said Kobi Bensimon, founder and CEO of Showdigs. “By joining forces, we’re looking toward a future of tech-forward leasing.”

With a shared vision of modernization and a commitment to delivering a powerful alternative to property management, the partnership of the two Proptech startups marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the industry. Together, Showdigs and Nomad are enabling property owners across the country to build their wealth worry-free while drastically reducing vacancies in the single-family rental market.

About Showdigs

Showdigs is a Seattle-based Proptech startup that provides single-family property managers with a suite of tools to streamline the leasing process. Showdigs is the only property management software with an on-demand network of licensed real estate agents specially trained to handle fieldwork. As the sole pioneers of the Leasing Revolution, Showdigs continues to innovate cutting-edge self-showing, on-demand fieldwork, marketing automation, and lead-friendly scheduling technologies. For more information, visit

About Nomad

Nomad’s vision is to unlock economic opportunity for everyone in the long-term rental community. We offer rental property owners certainty, value, and ease that simply can’t be achieved elsewhere because we align Nomad’s incentives with those of our customers. Its guaranteed rent offering eliminates risk while helping property owners maximize their income. Nomad's resident rewards program currently offers opportunities to build credit and save when buying their first home, along with a 24/7 personal concierge.

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