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Why Property Managers Should Care About Condition Reports: The Benefits of Professional Property Walkthroughs

February 18, 2024

Conducting property walkthroughs yourself or hiring an additional employee to do so can be time-consuming and costly. However, documenting the condition of your property one to two times per year will save you time and money long-term.

We’re highlighting the reasons why condition reports are a necessary addition to your business, and how you can use them to:

  • Save time and money
  • Create a unique offering and profit center for your business
  • Maintain a communicative relationship with owners and tenants
Showdigs allows property managers to get their time back using leasing technology and on-demand showdigs agents

Save time and money

Conducting regular property walkthroughs ensures that you’re conducting business in a preventive, rather than reactive, manner.

While there will always be freak maintenance accidents, you can drastically reduce the chances of these by performing annual/bi-annual property walkthroughs and scheduling preventive maintenance accordingly. Not only will this save you time and money in the long-term, but your tenants will be grateful that they likely won’t have to deal with a chaotic maintenance ordeal, or even temporary displacement.

Create a profit center for your business

When owners are choosing a property management company, they’re looking for a full range of services to get the most bang for their buck. Why would anyone hire a property manager without knowing if they’ll be regularly updated on the condition of their investment?

That's where the idea of a profit center comes in. According to Wikipedia, a profit center is "a part of a business which is expected to make an identifiable contribution to the organization's profits." Offering your clients frequent, full visibility into the condition of their property will allow you to earn more per door.

Your clients will rest easy knowing that you’re protecting their investment, and you can be assured that your owners are happy. Giving your clients options puts you ahead of your competition, and happy clients equals more referrals for your business!

Maintain communication with owners and renters

Property walkthroughs provide a way to check in with both your clients and tenants. Scheduling walkthroughs with your tenants can quickly turn chaotic — between phone tag, finding a time that works for both parties, and answering all of their questions. However, there are ways to simplify the process and ensure your relationship with your renters remains positive!

If you use Showdigs, we streamline all scheduling with an easy-to-use calendar that allows your tenants to choose a time that works for them. All questions can be answered by an FAQ or by a member of our in-house Live Operations team, which ensures tenants feel at ease.

On the client side, if you’re a Showdigs user, our on-demand agents are specially trained to produce comprehensive condition reports quickly and efficiently. These reports include photos and written documentation, and can be sent directly to your clients! Take a look at a sample condition report from one of our Showdigs Agents.

How to utilize different types of condition reports

Mid-tenancy walkthroughs are a great way to catch any issues before they turn catastrophic. Tenants may not mention, or even notice, maintenance issues like water leaks, roof damage, or dirty air filters. These walkthroughs also provide a way to ensure that your renters are following the terms of the lease — be sure to check for any signs of smoking, pets that aren’t on the lease, or other potential violations.

Move-in/move-out reports occur before and after a tenant moves out of the property, and can prevent any disputes over security deposits and damage caused during the lease. Additionally, documenting and fixing any damage before a new tenant moves in can start your relationship on a positive note, as it shows that you care about their renter experience. 

Vacant property checks occur between tenancy, and offer a way to prevent scams, squatters, and expensive lawsuits. 

Showdigs Agents perform all types of walkthroughs quickly and efficiently, whenever you need it. Our experienced, on-demand agents are specially trained to produce high-quality reports that can be sent directly to property owners, saving you time and money while creating a profit center for your business! 

Curious about how to get started?

Click here to chat with a member of our team to see how Showdigs can revolutionize your business! If you’re already performing periodic condition reports, you can save time, money, and mileage by offloading them to our Showdigs Agents. If you’re not, you’ll be able to surpass your competition with a unique offering for your clients!