Why Marketing Automation is a Must-Have for Your Leasing Tech Stack

February 18, 2024

Are you tired of spending hours scheduling tours, manually following up, and sifting through unqualified leads? As a property manager, your time is valuable, and the leasing process is complex and time-consuming. 

But what if we told you that there's a way to streamline your leasing process and improve your leads’ experience, while saving time and money?

In this blog post, we’re exploring the benefits of marketing automation in your leasing tech stack. From pre-screening qualification to personalized communication and organization, automated marketing solutions in your tech stack can revolutionize every stage of your leasing funnel. Say goodbye to no-shows, spending too much time on market, and tedious manual follow-ups, and hello to increased efficiency and time-savings!

What is a leasing tech stack? Showdigs why marketing automation is a must-have for your leasing tech stack.

Efficiency and time-savings when it comes to your leasing funnel

According to LetHub, a property management company with 500+ doors schedules at least 400 tours per month, with 20% of leads canceling or no-showing. If you’ve done the mental math to see how much time you’re losing on no-shows, you don’t need us to tell you that scheduling automation is crucial.

Starting at the very top of the funnel: Allow your prospective tenants to schedule tours around their schedule, whether through self-showings, live video tours, or on-demand agent led tours. This lowers the risk of no-shows and frees up more time for leads to view your properties. It’s a win-win! 

After the lead has scheduled a tour, make sure you’ve implemented automated follow-ups into your process to make sure they’re still planning to tour. If you’re a Showdigs user, our software automatically sends reminders at 7PM the night before the tour and 90 minutes before the tour to ask if they’d like to confirm or reschedule. 

Following up after the tour is also easily automated! Prospects who’ve toured at a Showdigs-activated property immediately receive a text and email with a link to the application form and instructions for how to apply. 

Back to the mental math we did earlier — the time you’ll save by automating follow-ups and decreasing your no-show rates, added to the increased tour availability and lead-powered scheduling automation means more time and money to put into scaling your business.

How automation helps lead nurturing and qualification

The leasing funnel is complex, and there’s a lot that can go wrong between inquiry and signing a lease agreement. Thus, it’s imperative that you are nurturing your prospective renters at every stage of their journey, while maximizing your marketing efforts and time spent towards qualified leads. 

Automated pre-screening is one of the most important parts of your leasing tech stack. Gone are the days of sifting through individual applications! Automate your pre-screening process and allow only qualified prospects to tour. This will save you time and money while drastically reducing your days on market. 

Be sure to optimize your listing description to clearly state what is expected, e.g. “No pets allowed,” or “Applicants must authorize a background and credit check,” so that both parties’ expectations are aligned. Once your lead decides to inquire about a property, make sure you’ve set up automated pre-screening questions to answer before they schedule a tour. If your property management company uses Showdigs, our automated scheduling software provides customizable pre-screening questions to ensure that only qualified leads take tours. 

Showdigs leasing technology and marketing automation will complete your leasing tech stack

Personalized communication with your leads

In the digital age, hyper-personalization is the new normal — targeted ads, strategically placed content recommendations, and tailored social media algorithms fill our screens at all times. Consumers have come to expect convenience and personalized experiences as the norm. A 2021 survey from Twilio Segment revealed that 60% of consumers say that they will become repeat customers after a personalized experience with a service provider or retailer. This is a stark increase from 2017, where only 44% said the same. Additionally, more than a third of respondents said they would remain a consumer even if cheaper or more convenient options are available. 

Given that renters 35 years and younger comprise over one-third of the rental market, it’s important that you provide a personalized house hunting and leasing experience. Like we mentioned earlier, allowing leads to schedule tours around their schedule is the first step to a personalized experience. But, even if they tour the property and want to lease, how can you ensure that they have a positive experience and turn into repeat renters?

Quick response times are one way to show your prospective tenants that you’re on top of it! The issue is, you don’t have time to answer calls, texts, and emails all day when you have a multitude of other tasks to finish. This is where technologies like automated phone lines and chat bots come in handy. If you use Showdigs, you have access to our 24/7 Leasing Line which guides your leads through the tour scheduling process via SMS and smart scheduling technology, as well as our AI Listing Chatbot, which instantly answers common questions from leads on your listing page. 

How automation improves workflows and gives you time back in your day

We’ve covered how marketing automation improves the lead experience, but how does it help you as a property manager? Like we said, improved, real-time communication improves your chances of converting leads to tenants, resulting in less time and money spent per property, and less days on market. 

Our listing page widget improves the lead experience by showcasing properties on your website in a visually appealing and organized manner, and, if the lease falls through for one property, they’ll know where to find other options. 

Another feature of your tech stack should be a guest card management software. This type of software is important for keeping track of all of your leads, contact information, preferences, and requirements. If you use Showdigs, our guest card management feature is included with your subscription!

Looking to strengthen your leasing tech stack?

Wow your clients and impress your leads by integrating Showdigs’ marketing automation into your leasing tech stack. With features like automated real-time communication, personalized lead experiences, and guest card management, Showdigs will save you time and money while helping you grow your business.

Chat with a member of our team to find out how you can revolutionize your leasing process!