Why are Move-In Condition Reports Important for Property Managers?

February 20, 2024

Let's be honest: Move-in and move-out property inspections can be incredibly time-consuming. But, they're also extremely important.

In some states, property managers are actually required to conduct a move-in inspection. Even when it’s not required by law, a move-in walkthrough is always a smart move.

Move-in inspections can help:

  • Prevent future security deposit disputes
  • Address the needs of your clients and tenants
  • Manage any potential maintenance issues

With the condition of the property documented consistently, you can ensure that you’re protecting your owners’ investments while ensuring your tenant has the best renter experience possible. 

When all of your day-to-day responsibilities start to pile up, it can be easy to push off condition reports. However, if you’re not documenting the condition of your rental properties at least once per year, it can cost you big-time.

Forgoing routine inspections can lead to unnoticed property damage caused by tenants and missed maintenance issues that later turn catastrophic. By nipping any issues in the bud, you’ll save time and money in the long run, and everyone will be happy to have avoided a middle-of-the-night emergency maintenance call.  

So, you understand the benefits of routine property inspections… 

But you still don’t have the time? Maybe there’s too much to do at the office, you prefer to keep your staff in-office to focus on onboarding new clients, too many move-ins hit at the same time during busy leasing season — the list goes on. That’s where Showdigs comes in!

Showdigs property management software and leasing technology

Condition reports handled by Showdigs Agents

Showdigs' network of local, licensed real estate agents are specially trained to handle condition reports during all stages of tenancy, from move-in, mid-tenancy, to move-out and vacant property checks. 

Our photos cover (nearly) every square inch of the property’s interior and exterior, so that in the future, there are no disputes about the starting condition of the property upon move-out. In addition to high-quality photos, Showdigs reports also include detailed, written descriptions. Take a look at one of our move-in/move-out reports completed by a licensed Showdigs Agent! 

If you’re currently conducting property walkthroughs, add up employee wages and driving reimbursements (plus the lost opportunity cost of not working with new clients), and it’s easy to see how expensive and time-consuming they are.

But, as we’ve discussed, these walkthroughs and reports play a key role in offering the best possible service. In fact, most property owners will happily pay extra for full visibility into their investment! By providing options to your client, you’ll create a profit center and attract new, high-quality clients. 

Take a look at our website to see how Showdigs can save you time, money, and mileage throughout all phases of tenancy!