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Announcing Showdigs’ New Flat Rate Pricing & Nationwide Property Management Software Launch

February 20, 2024

Our team has some huge updates that we’re so excited to share with you! 

The property management industry has grown so rapidly over the past couple of years, and there’s now a huge demand for a modern listing to leasing solution. So how are we responding to all that demand? 

We have a brand-new flat-rate pricing plan, our software platform is now available nationwide, AND our agent network is expanding to FIVE new cities in the US.

Why is property management software especially important going into 2022?

First, let’s take a look at the property management industry as we head into 2022. Booming institutional investment into the Single-Family Rental (SFR) market has reached more than $10 billion in the last few years — and an estimated 5-10% of all new builds will be build-to-rent properties

As the SFR market continues to grow in stock and valuation (currently hovering at a staggering $3.4 trillion) and disrupt the real estate industry, large property management companies and institutional investors need equally disruptive technologies to scale efficiencies at a comparable rate. That’s where Showdigs comes in. 

Showdigs’ new flat rate pricing scales with property managers

Our new flat rate pricing scales both operationally and geographically with your property management business. For just $50/month, you and your team get unlimited access to the marketing, scheduling, and leasing tools that you use everyday. Unlike other property management platforms, there are no hidden fees or onboarding costs. Just pay for the properties you’re actively leasing and the services you use.

Click here for the full feature breakdown.

Each Showdigs account comes with two free property listing activations per month ($40 value). A “listing activation” is a one-time, $20 fee that you pay when it’s time to get one of your properties rented. You will only pay to activate your listing once, and it’s good until the next time you need to rent that same property.

Showdigs’ property management software is now available nationwide

Over the last three years, Showdigs has gone from a small agent network in Seattle to a fully built out software platform with hundreds of agents across Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Austin, and Orlando/Miami.

We are now launching our end-to-end leasing software to property managers anywhere in the United States and Canada. That means property managers everywhere can now use our innovative platform to provide prospective renters with a modern, on-demand rental hunting process. This includes smartphone scheduling and SMS smart confirmation, an AI website leasing bot, and the most secure self-showing technology out there.

Showdigs Agent Network launches in Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

We started building our on-demand network of local, licensed real estate agents to professionally handle property management fieldwork - operating much the same way as driver networks for on-demand delivery services - back in 2018 and expanded to five major cities by 2021. 

showdigs on demand agent network is available in seattle, portland, bay area, san diego, denver, austin, orlando, miami, atlanta, charlotte, and washington dc

Now, our Showdigs Agent Network is expanding to five MORE major cities. Property managers in Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, and Washington D.C. will now be able to outsource their fieldwork to our network of professionally trained, licensed real estate agents.

“The way Showdigs has enabled me to grow my company is truly remarkable,” says Ty Cayce, owner of Urban Key Property Management in Seattle, WA. “I can completely turnover a rental without leaving my office, and prospective tenants are thrilled that we can offer different types of tours with maximum availability.”

Our Showdigs Agents are able to perform fieldwork tasks such as on-demand rental tours, condition reports (mid-tenancy and move-in/move-out reports), marketing/listing photos, lockbox placements, and more.

Get started today!

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