How to Market Your Services to Property Management Leads

February 20, 2024

If you're a property manager, odds are you're always on the hunt for new (and sometimes better) property owners to turn into clients.

But finding those property owners and landlords isn't always easy - and landing them as clients can be even harder.

We came up with a few ways you can market your property management services to reach new owners and landlords. Check them out!

How to Reach Property Owners and Landlords through Marketing Your Property Management Services

  • Have a website: We know this seems obvious to some, but to others it might be the sign you're looking for to finally create a website for your property management business.

    The first thing landlords or owners will do is Google search for property management companies in their area. If you don't have a content-rich website (we'll get to that next), you will not show up in their searches. Property management software companies like Buildium and Appfolio can also help you create well-functioning websites!
  • Create content for good SEO: This article is not meant to get into the weeds of SEO (search engine optimization) best practices, but basically the better your SEO, the higher you will rank on the search engines, and the better reach/visibility for your business.

    Creating content (blog posts, webpages, videos, etc.) that specifies what you do, where you do it, and what's special about your business will let the search engines know who your business is relevant to when they go to search. For example, you could base your website and content around being a "woman-owned property management business based in Seattle, WA that specializes in cultivating a network of local, female professionals." Or, another example could be a "family-owned and operated property management business in Denver, CO that helps veterans manage their homes while overseas."
  • Collect reviews: Using sites like Google My Business, you can set up a free and easy way to collect reviews AND show them off when someone searches for you! Reviews help build trust with potential clients and help boost your SEO.
  • Join locally-targeted social media groups: Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and NextDoor are all places where you can find local real estate groups that will help you connect with landlords and owners who might be looking for a property manager in their area.

    Search for things like "real estate [your city/area]" or "rentals in [your city/area]" in the group sections of the social media sites previously mentioned. Once you join a few, start off by offering advice and then see if you can offer your services! You never know who you can run into in these groups.
  • Create a referral program with local realtors: Connect with local real estate agents and offer a referral fee for every new client they send you! It's also a good idea to sign a non-compete document that says if the owner decides to sell in the future, you'll give that sale back to the real estate agent. This can lead to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Find FRBOs and connect with the owner: Of course this is easier said than done!

    But you can find FRBOs in all sorts of places, including Craigslist, Zillow Rentals, Zumper, Hotpads, real estate groups (listed above), or even just driving around your area. Or get creative and check out sites like Sabbatical Homes or even AirBnB to try your hand at shorter-term rentals that could one day be longer-term rentals.

    See if you can find a way to contact the listing owner and offer neighborhood tips or general real estate advice to build trust. Then see about buying them a cup of coffee or hopping on a quick call to learn more about what their plans are with their property!

We hope these tips for marketing and reaching potential new clients helps your property management business! And if you're interested in more tips to grow your property management business, you'll want to check out this article.

As always, our team is standing by ready to help when you need it. Click here to book a call!

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