Meet Tori, your new leasing assistant

Tori is the only fully customizable AI leasing assistant for single-family property managers.
Tori the Showdigs AI leasing chatbot

Not just a chatbot

Tori has the capabilities of a fully functional virtual leasing assistant — take a look at some of her features:
Tori, an AI leasing assistant

Handle 100% of lead inquiries

Instantly provide personalized responses to leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, SMS, or online chat.

Pre-qualify and screen prospective tenants

Leads are pre-qualified and screened within the chat. Tori can cross-sell based on each lead's unique wants and needs.

Streamline scheduling

Prospects can self-schedule showings without ever leaving your listings page.

Automatically scan for fraudulent listings

Tori's AI-powered technology scans popular marketplace websites to detect fake listings, reducing the risk of rental scams and squatters.

Sync with your leasing CRM

All conversations are saved to your Showdigs leasing funnel, while the lead's journey through your pipeline is dynamically updated.

Capture more leads with your listings

With Tori's generative suggestions for your listing titles and descriptions, make your listings stand out to prospects.

Streamline your leasing processes

Get in touch with our team to see why our AI-powered marketing automation is the #1 choice for busy property managers.

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