Tori from Showdigs: Delivering the Best Lead Experience

February 18, 2024

Running a property management business requires you to serve two audiences — owner clients and prospective renters. With the recent increase in popularity of AI, chances are, you’re already using it on your website. While existing property management chatbots or virtual leasing assistants are great for simple tasks like inquiring about rent price or if a property is still available, we’re changing the game with Tori. She's the only fully customizable AI leasing assistant for single-family property managers. 

Let’s take a look at how she’s different:

Friendly, thorough responses to fit your brand voice

Tori is easily changeable to fit your brand voice and give your leads a great first impression. Typical chatbots or virtual leasing assistants can sound rigid and unwelcoming — dare we say robotic? With Tori, your prospective renters will feel like they’re talking to a member of your in-house team dedicated to finding them the perfect space. 

Leads can get their questions answered, complete the pre-screening process, and schedule showings via text, call, or chat with Tori online, providing a quick and streamlined house hunting process.

Personalized property recommendations to keep the lead in your pipeline

Tori doesn’t just answer questions and schedule tours, but she actually provides recommendations based on the unique wants and needs of each lead. Say that a prospect is looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom property with a budget of $2500/month. Tori will provide a link to learn more about each available property that fits this broad criteria, but will also prompt the lead to respond with more specific information for tailored recommendations. 

This gives leads a quick way to narrow down their search without having to do the work themselves, making them more likely to stay in your leasing pipeline. Unlike typical chatbots, who can only output simple responses, Tori cross-sells using the data from all available properties that fit their needs. Instead of having to sift through your available properties, your prospective tenants can find the perfect space, pre-screen to ensure they’re qualified to rent, and schedule a tour — all without leaving the chat window. 

Complements customer service from our Live Operations Team

While Tori provides comprehensive answers and recommendations, your leads can always contact our 5-star-rated, US-based team of leasing professionals if they’d like to talk to a real human. The Live Operations Team handles 100% of lead calls, texts, and emails, while coordinating scheduling for all in-person and self-guided vacant and occupied showings. The best part? Access to our team is available free of charge for all Showdigs users!

Tori from Showdigs offers the only virtual property management assistant that mimics real, friendly human conversation. Leads can call, text, or chat online, automating your leasing process while providing 5-star customer service. Tori allows you to capture leads more effectively, while keeping them in your pipeline by finding them the perfect properties to fit their needs. 

Book a time to chat with our team to see Tori in action, or take a self-guided product tour to see how Showdigs can take your leasing process to the next level. 

Tori, Showdigs new AI-powered leasing assistant. Streamline your leasing process without compromising on customer experience.