The Best AI-Powered Property Management Tools

May 17, 2024

Artificial intelligence has completely changed property management systems in recent years, making it easier to automate nearly every stage of the rental funnel. We’ve researched and put together a list of the 8 best property management software platforms that use AI to streamline the leasing process and maximize efficiency — let's take a look!

1. Showdigs

Showdigs uses artificial intelligence to power several of the tools in our suite of leasing software. For example, our listing protection features use AI-powered technology to detect and remove fraudulent property listings on marketplace sites like Facebook and Craigslist, while verifying the credibility of prospective renters through facial and ID recognition and age-matching technology. 

Tori, the only fully customizable AI leasing assistant for single-family property managers, uses AI to send personalized responses to leads searching for rental properties. Tori can cross-sell and provide recommendations based on the features that prospective tenants are searching for, and can schedule tours via text, call, or online chat. 

2. LeadScore AI

LeadScore AI from LeaseHawk transcribes inbound phone calls and reports on the purpose of the phone call. This technology can help property managers separate their calls by prospective renter, current tenant, or prospective client, without needing a member of your in-house team monitoring the phones. Additionally, LeadSource AI identifies the lead source, making it easy to monitor the ROI of your marketing channels and make adjustments as needed.

3. AppFolio

AppFolio has been an early adopter of AI in both the single and multifamily property management industries. Their newest release, Realm-X, is changing the leasing process with a suite of AI-powered tools to streamline your workflows. Realm-X can provide reports, generate long-form content like listing descriptions and emails, and can initiate processes on your behalf. 

4. Happy Property: Maintenance

Happy Property: Maintenance, a property maintenance solution from HappyCo, makes it easy for property managers to streamline inspections and work orders. HappyCo’s entire suite of Happy Property solutions integrates directly with most property management systems and allows you to stay up-to-date on your portfolio’s projects with custom, real-time reporting. Their platform utilizes AI technology and machine learning to maximize your in-house team’s efficiency, while centralizing maintenance and other onsite management tasks across your entire portfolio. 

5. Mezo

Mezo is another property management software focused on streamlining maintenance tasks while reducing costs. Mezo delivers AI-driven maintenance intelligence that automates your workflows and improves outcomes at every stage of the service lifecycle.

Mezo’s AI-powered virtual assistant, Max, supports your in-house team and residents by automating and quickly diagnosing emergency maintenance issues. Max can chat with the tenant and gather critical details, diagnose the issue in an average time of three minutes, and coach residents through media capture and DIY solutions. On the property manager’s side, the diagnosis, recommended repair, appliance data with needed parts, and photos, videos, and chat history are all accessible as a work order in their platform.

6. SmartRent

SmartRent provides smart home technology for multifamily property managers. Their AI-driven communication tools can help your in-house team prioritize calls, decrease response times, and improve resident experience. SmartRent also offers secure self-guided tours, automatically verifying the lead’s ID and using geo-fencing technology to verify the location of the prospect. 

Showdigs offers the most secure self-showings for single-family properties.

7. ChatGPT

We’ve talked about ChatGPT before and how property managers can use it as a powerful leasing assistant. Using ChatGPT’s API, you can build your own chatbot designed to answer questions from leads, tenants, and clients, leaving your inbox free of repetitive inquiries. ChatGPT is also great for writing long-form content such as property listings, emails and newsletters, and social media captions. 

8. TenantCloud

TenantCloud provides AI-driven solutions for property managers to automate many manual leasing tasks. A few of TenantCloud’s features include online rent collection, a suite of accounting solutions, and tenant screening and income insights to verify the quality of your prospective renters. 

Considering integrating AI-powered tools into your property management operations?

The introduction of AI to the property management industry is revolutionizing the leasing process for property managers and renters alike. From automating inquiries, pre-screening, and scheduling, to maintenance requests, property security, and smart home technologies to boost the functionality of your properties, AI is worth adding to your tech stack.

Tori from Showdigs, the first AI leasing assistant for single-family property managers.

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