The Benefits of Using an AI Leasing Assistant: How Tori Works

February 18, 2024

In recent years, AI capabilities have been integrated into countless industries. Multi-family property management companies were quick to adopt AI-powered technologies to handle their lead inquiries, scheduling coordination, and leasing process, and Showdigs is here to introduce the first fully customizable virtual leasing assistant for single-family property managers! 

We’re diving into everything AI, including the difference between an AI leasing assistant and chatbot, how to choose the right technology for your business, how Tori works, and the benefits of utilizing a virtual leasing assistant.

The difference between an AI leasing assistant and a leasing chatbot

Given the recent rise of ChatGPT, you’ve probably heard the term “natural language processing” thrown around. Natural language processing (NLP) just means that the AI is trained to read inputs and respond in a human-like way, as opposed to rule-based chatbots that get confused with typos and act more like a decision tree with more programmed, robotic responses. 

Most leasing assistants use NLP, whereas many leasing chatbots simply use rule-based technology, which only allows the prospective renter to select from pre-programmed questions. Chatbots typically don’t have the ability to provide answers to property-specific questions or allow leads to self-schedule tours. Additionally, since rule-based chatbots are trained to output simple answers to simple questions, they don’t have the ability to cross-sell or recommend properties to fit the prospective renter’s needs.

Tori uses NLP and is an AI leasing assistant used by single-family property managers, but let’s do a deeper dive into how it all works!

How it works

When a lead inquires about a property on your website using Tori, all of the lead’s information will be stored in their guest card in your Showdigs leasing dashboard. Since Tori works across multiple platforms, the lead has the ability to call, text, or chat with her online. 

Typically, the inquiry will start off with something like, “I’m looking for a 1bd home in Capitol Hill under $2400/mo.” Tori will take this information and respond with the properties that fit this broad criteria, along with the links to learn more and schedule a showing. Tori will proceed to ask what specific features the prospective tenant is searching for to further narrow down their search, as well as recommend different properties if their perfect property isn’t currently available.

Since Tori directly integrates with your Showdigs leasing hub and existing tech stack, prospective renters are able to complete pre-screening and schedule a tour without leaving your website. Depending on your property’s preferences, leads can schedule a self-showing, a tour with one of your in-house leasing agents, a Live Video tour, a Showdigs Agent-led tour, or they can attend a pre-scheduled open house. All of this information can be seen on your leasing funnel page.

After the tour is completed, leads immediately receive a link to apply. If the property was shown by a Showdigs Agent, you will receive a thorough tour report including any outstanding questions or concerns from the prospective tenant, along with information about the property’s condition. 

Benefits of an AI leasing assistant

AI leasing assistants like Tori can free up time spent answering lead texts, calls, and emails, leaving your team time to focus on more important tasks. Since leasing assistants are more advanced than typical rule-based chatbots, you can customize them to fit your brand voice and give your leads a great first impression. 

Unlike your in-house team, AI-powered leasing assistants can respond to inquiries 24/7, providing leads with quick, personalized customer service at any time. Designed to capture as much information as possible while keeping your lead in the pipeline, these bots are a great way to ensure you’re fully maximizing your leasing tech stack. 

Learn more about how Tori delivers the best lead experience possible, or book a time to chat with one of our leasing experts! Showdigs provides the only all-in-one software solution for single-family property managers, take a look at our self-guided product walkthrough to get a 360° view of our offerings.

Tori, the virtual leasing assistant from Showdigs. Streamline your leasing process without compromising on customer experience.

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